Episode 36: Guest David Paskett (XONE BROS) of The XONE Bros. Podcast


I’ve got an interview lined up with XONE himself scheduled for next week. “Planned” is the operative word to use here, but I’m curious if our achievement community has any questions for him?

Also, I know I’ve seen some familiar names on their TA Leaderboard - any listeners of both podcasts here?

I’m really curious to ask him about being on the borderline of achievement hunting and whether or not he’ll make the plunge. I’m not sure if anyone shares the same thoughts, but the way I hear him speak reminds me of myself back in 2006-7 when I started to dig a little deeper into achievements. Now look at me … degenerate achievement junkie.


I listen to their podcast as they are more focused on newer releases even though they don’t seem to be achievement junkies.


Just recently given the podcast a go, and liking it so far. I agree with fream, curious to know if he will take the plunge into the depths of achievement hunting.


Listen to both , both are awesome and help me get true work


Worst gamertag ever. Almost as bad as K1NG0FK1NG5.



Preparing my interview questions for tomorrow night - anything I should be sure to ask about?


Positive gaming meets Crandy, this might get ugly.