Forum address change:


After some discussion we’ve decided to change the address of the the forum to We were finding that people were getting confused between Discourse (forum) and Discord (chat server), and naming the forum after the software being used isn’t terribly smart. I’d initially set it up as a test but didn’t think to change the name before we went “live”.

The old address will redirect to the new one over the next few hours, and you may need to login to the forum again (same details as before).

Let me know if you spot any problems.


This will be good for my shortcut in address bar so I’m happy… I had to write in “discou” for forum and “discor” for chat. XD thanks for saving me 4 extra characters :slight_smile:


You know there’s a dedicated Discord client for pretty much every platform right? :wink: But yes I can see how that would help.


I do know but I keep my home pc clean as can be, I have skype and 2 games installed on it. That’s it… well add drivers. Also the website works great and doesn’t slow my PC when booting up :wink: