Fream's 2nd Game Show - Dec 9th or 10th


Okay, so the plan is to record our second game show on one of those two nights and I need contestants.

So here is the official sign up page. You need to have a computer with access to the internet that has a microphone as well as the ability to dedicate about 2 hours on one of those nights around 10 pm central time.

If you would like to be considered - reply below with - “SIGN ME UP - available Dec 9th & Dec 10th” (or with whatever appropriate night works).

If you didn’t hear the first run of this show - go back and listen to Podcast #38 - although this time the games list will be better curated.


Sign me up for the 9th, busy on 10th


If you decide to push it back to the 16 or 17 I’m game


SIGN ME UP - available Dec 9th & Dec 10th

I’m in Arizona so it will still be early for me…


Count me in, either will work and I could do both if you really ambitious.


Sign me up - I’m good for either day


I’m good for either day, but it looks like all new kids on the block, so if you wanna keep it that way that’s fine too.


Either day should work for me.


Although I can’t spend time playing with you guys, I do have a suggestion.

To make the game run faster, you might want to curate a list of 30 games and send to the contestants before the show. This would act as their study guide for the achievement names to be pulled from.

Love the show. Thanks!


Looking at this list:


are open for Sat. night - we’ve got room for 1 more person


Was letting new people have a chance but if there is nobody new I will gladly take that spot.


Yep I’m good for Saturday


I’m good to go


Turns out we are going to cap it at 5 players. That is the max we can handle on the recording software.