Fream's Custom Gamerpic


There was some discussion on this week’s podcast about using the current Zed To Zed Logo for my custom gamerpic. I’m curious if anyone out there can come up with a Zed To Zed Zombie Logo for my gamerpic?

Use the existing and impale a zombie, have one in there, or come up with something different - I’m just wondering if we have anyone that could do it?




I was going to say “Did you ask @Grug”? :laughing:


I posted it to see if anyone could do a better job - I’m thinking they can’t.

I’d like to see what @grug can do.


how about these as ideas…


or maybe better suited to the circle shape:


That should be a frisbee - would totally play with it.


:grin:oh yeah, didn’t think of that! I can keep fiddling with the designs if you like but for now I need to go to bed. Night mate.


I would totally buy this frisbee :grin:


how about these?


those are pretty darn cool


Thanks, I will have a go at making the zombie stand out a bit more. I have some ideas but just need to find some time…