Gamertag Challenge - September 2016 (Big Ell & CSGeekSquad)


Mentioned on Episode 36 of the Podcast - September 2016’s Gamertag Challenge is:


They will be celebrating their 7 year TA-Anniversary.



  • Contest starts at Midnight UTC on the first day of the month.
  • Contest ends at Midnight UTC on the last day of the month.


  • You need to unlock an achievement for each letter of the gamertag for the month. Each gamertag completed in this way grants entry into the draw for the month.
  • The game title each achievement is from must begin with the the corresponding letter in the gamertag, or otherwise qualify as noted below.
  • The official game title from TrueAchievements will be used in all cases.
  • You must supply links with gamerid to the achievements you’ve unlocked. The easiest place to get these links from is your personal My Achievements page on TrueAchievements.
  • Achievements must be online and timestamped within the contest period.
  • Each achievement within a gamertag must come from different games. A “stack” is considered a different game. Games may be shared across gamertags on months that have multiple gamertags, but the achievements must be unique.
  • You must be a member of the forum! Obviously, you all see this and are members, but if you share with friends outside of the site, they must join to participate.

Draw Entries

  • A player with a qualifying entry that has no substitutions will get 10 entries in the draw for that gamertag.
  • A player with a qualifying entry that uses at least one substitution (detailed below) will get 1 entry in the draw for that gamertag.

Special Matching Rules

  • Games that begin with the words The, A or An: Ignore this word and use the next word instead. Examples: “A World of Keflings” would qualify for the letter W, not the letter A; “The Orange Box” would qualify as O and not T.
  • Non-alphanumeric characters in a game title will be ignored. This means that hyphens, underscores, spaces or any other non-alphanumeric character is simply treated as if they don’t exist. For example, this means that #IDARB is treated as beginning with I for this contest.
  • Numbers: to match a number in a gamertag, the game title must have a number anywhere within the title. For example, an achievement from “FIFA 14” would match any number in a gamertag.
  • The letters E, I, J, O, Q, U, V, X, Y, and Z, and only these letters, may be substituted with any other letter as long as that game used to unlock that letter hasn’t already been used. Using substitutions grant less entries in the contest as detailed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The name of the achievement does not need to begin with one of the listed letters.
  • The rationale behind skipping A, An and The in game titles: A and T are overrepresented in game titles, and skipping the English common articles gives more access to some of the rarer letters.
  • The rationale behind the number rule is there simply isn’t enough games beginning with numbers to make it viable using the normal rules.
  • The TrueAchievement platform information such as “(Win 8)” do not count as part of the game title.
  • Roman numerals do not count for digits, but do count for I, V, M, D etc where this is applicable.
  • Achievements are achievements: challenge achievements and achievements from Xbox One applications may be used for this contest assuming they qualify in all other respects.
  • The substitution rule was created to acknowledge that the lowest frequency letters, individually representing less than 2% of all game titles available, can be tricky for some players to obtain and we wanted to allow everyone to have a chance to compete.
  • A player that enters using substitutions may upgrade their entry to a full one later.

The :frowning2: section

  • Use your main tag.
  • No "game saving, profile hacking, or cheating of any form.

Anyone caught doing the above may be permanently banned from this contest (and possibly this forum).

Example of how to qualify

Using the gamertag “Zed To Zed” as an example, unlock a single achievement in each of these games:

Z - Zombi
E - Escape From Dead Island
D - Dead Rising
T - Two Worlds
O - Orange Box, The
Z - Zombie Driver HD
E - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The
D - Dying Light

(I realize all of the above games have zombies in them - that is not a pre-requisite, I just like Zombies)

I’ve got a $10 MS Code as a prize for this, so get unlocking!


spankynspronkle - 20
Kooshmoose - 20
planting42 - 20
Buckmarley155 - 20
Matrarch - 20
CSGeekSquad - 20
Big Ell - 20
MitRialb - 20
Xtowers - 20
doughboyee - 10
Cer3bra1asassin - 20
Mightymango - 20
SaucySlingo - 20
Kunzite508 - 20
Grug - 20
angelsk - 20
Spazpol - 20
mseweryn - 20
zzUrbanSpaceman - 20
LordChabelo13 - 2
Posty - 20
MclovinLegend1 - 10
Stushniken - 20
mattism - 10
Freamwhole - 20


This is what I have planned out:
B - Bad piggies
I - Ice age village
G - Gone home

E - Evolve
L - Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris
L - Luxor 2

C - Contrast
S - Steins;Gate: Hiyoku-Renri no Darling
G - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
E - Elements: Epic heros (WP)
E - Elder scrolls oblivion, The
K - Killer Instinct
S - Shovel Knight
Q - Quantum Break or Quake
U - Unravel
A - Angry Birds Space
D - Dying light

Now I just have to wait for September…


Remember, for multiple tag - you can repeat letters - so example: Evolve could be used for BIG ELL and CSGEEKSQUAD, but you’d need two different achievements in that game.


Funny since I was going to use Evolve twice but then remembered that I could drop The off the front of the elder scrolls series. Figured since I have plenty of E I would expand to another game. I actually had a hard time finding an I and a Q but did not want to substitute luckily I found some backlog and also added Quantum Break to my library queue.


The plan…

B - Ben-Hur - [Spoils of the Victor] (
I - I, Zombie - [Non Omnis Moriar] (
G - Gems of War - [Challenger] (

E - Earthlock: Festival of Magic - [Zabirum Seeker] (
L - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - [Sand Central Station] (
L - Lies of Astaroth - [Daily Login IV] (

C - Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360) - [Ghost Stories] (
S - Super Street Fighter IV - [Keep On Truckin’] (
G - Goat Simulator - [Boulder of Death] (
E - Earthlock: Festival of Magic - [Hogbunny Buddy] (
E - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The - [Wanted] (
K - Killer Instinct - [Survival Mira] (
S - SSX - [Pass The Board Wax] (
Q - Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut - [Sector 2 Completed] (
U - Ultratron - [Times 5 Multiplier] (
A - Assassin’s Creed II - [High Dive] (
D - Dishonored - [Inhabitant] (


My plan

B - Bayonetta
I - Ice Age 3
G - Guacamelee STCE

E - The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
L - Lolipop Chainsaw
L - Lego Batman 2

C - Call of Duty 2
S - Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (360)
G - Guacamelee STCE
E - The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
E - Enslaved
K - King’s Quest (360)
S - Saints Row 4
Q - Quantum Of Solace
U - Up
A - Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360)
D - Defense Grid 2


The plan…

B - Ben-Hur - Emperor’s Glory
I - I, Zombie - Playing well
G - Gears of War 3 - Level 15

E - Earthlock - Hogbunny Buddy
L - Lies of Astaroth - Jade Forest
L - Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Can’t Hurt Me Bub

C - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Pretty Picture
S - Sniper Elite 3 - An ode to Rube Goldberg
G - Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride - Equally Matched
E - Evolve - Collect Them All!
E - Ethan: Meteor Hunter - Little by little
K - Kingdoms & Lords (Win8) - Friends All Over the World
S - Sacred Citadel - Flyswatter
Q - Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut - Sector 1, Completed
U - Unravel - Eagle eye
A - Awesome Princess Sarah - Awesome Combo
D - Disney Infinity - Power Up!


How do you guys approach filling these out? I can think of a couple of ways, but for this month, I’m just searching my games by reverse chrono order and searching for the first or second game that I’ve been working on recently that starts with that letter. I threw Earthlock in there b/c I’m sure I’ll play it as soon as it comes out next month. I’m very interested in hearing how other people go about it.


I just run down my list of games and see what I think I can easily pop an achievement in


I start with my “Games I’m Actively Playing” list first.

Then I follow up with my “Clean Up” list - 90 some games I need to get off my card.

Finally - I fill out with games I can pop quickly and not devote much time to.


I start with non-linear games that I can jump into easily (racing, guitar games, etc.)
Then I start working backwards on what I’ve been playing recently and still remember the controls.


lots of E’s so i guess more evolve and golf next month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One way is to go to your games collection on TA, filter out games you’ve completed, then sort by ratio (lowest first), and cherry pick from there.

Otherwise I’ll sort by letter and look at valid games for the letter I need, based on gut feel over how difficult I think it’ll be to unlock something.

I have the benefit of being a serial game buyer and bean diver, so my backlog of suitable games is large. You may not have this benefit of course.


Same as everyone above but like I stated there were some letters I had no games started for that letter so I went to and clicked on the letter I needed and then went to my library queue online and search for all libraries in my network for the game I wanted then added the games I needed so they will be shipped to my library in time for September.


The library? Interesting. I know they have comic books, movies, and the like, but I’ve never really taken advantage of that. If my library has video games as well, this could be a :wink: < :dark_sunglasses: :sunglasses: game changer.


Don’t limit yourself to just your local library. Once you sign up go on to the website and do a search for the game you want and make sure to open it up to all available libraries in your network. With mine I can have a queue of 20 items on HOLD and I can take out as much as I want. The library you request it from will ship it to your Library for free and they notify you when it comes in. It usually is a week per item but then you can renew. I signed my wife up as well so I can request more or get a good hold on it while I have it so no one snipes it while I work on completions. I get Blu rays, DVDs, Xbox 360/One games, comic books, CD’s, audio Books, museum passes, and lastly books! Also by taking out items from your library helps support their numbers for funding. Your tax dollars hard at work so you might as well take advantage of it!



B - [Bee Movie Game - Bee Visionary] (
I - [Infinity Runner - Prospect Point] (
G - [Guitar Hero 3 - Now That’s Impressive] (

E - [Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Free!] (
L - [Land It! - Check-in] (
L - [Lies of Asteroth - Unlucky] (

C - [Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL - Ben 10 Fan] (
S - [Skylanders SuperChargers - Ready to Roll] (
G - [Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - Dream On] (
E - [Earthlock: Festival of Magic - Zabirum Seeker] (
E - [EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR - Playing For Fun] (
K - [Knight Squad - Exterminator] (
S - [Star Trek Online - Lieutenant] (
Q - [Q - Sky Tree] (
U - [UFC Undisputed 2009 - World Class Striker] (
A - [Action Henk - The floor is lava!] (
D - [Doodle God Blitz (WP) - Honorable Santa] (


How did I not know this existed!


Its not that long of a completion either. Apparently it was a Box Office Bust since not quite 10K gamers on TA got to starting it.


My Plan:

B - Beyond Good & Evil HD
I - Inside
G - Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

E - Elite: Dangerous
L - The LEGO Movie Videogame
L - Lococycle

C - Child of Light
S - Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut
G - Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series
E - Elite: Dangerous
E - The Escapists
K - Kerbal Space Program
S - Super Time Force
Q - Q
U - Unravel
A - Alto’s Adventure (Win 10)
D - D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die