Games With Gold September


Did this last month so let’s keep this going.

Xbox One:
-Earthlock: Festival of Magic
-Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Chine

Xbox 360:
-Forza Horizon
-Mirror’s Edge

What are your thoughts ?


For me I own all these game except for the obvious one Earthlock: Festival of Magic which I am super happy about, since I love turn based RPG and havn’t played a good one in a long time. So can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:


Really happy with the offerings this month. Almost bought Chronicles and Mirrors Edge last month so I was relieved I waited.


I have Chronicles but am happy with mirrors edge and horizon. Wish horizon was for the one though.


Although I already own Forza Horizon and Mirror’s Edge on disc I’m happy I’ll now have a digital copy at hand so they can go into storage!

Earthlock: Festival of Magic looks pretty good and I’ve almost brought Assassin’s Creed Chronicles a few times before so I’m happy enough with the offerings this month.


I’ve only picked up horizons so it’s a pretty good month.


Why, it’s not worth it to trade them in to GameStop for 1 cent each?


On the 360 I would love MK vs DC and on the One I want to see Ori and the Blind Forest


Ben Hur. Been wanting to play that for ages.