Games With No Achievements


Thought about this after wrapping up a show a while back where the fellas were talking about phone games (Pokemon Go to be precise)…

Anyone else play a game without achievements? I got hooked on The Walking Dead – Road To Survival after seeing a commercial for it while watching an episode this past season. It’s your typical mobile RPG with pay-2-win elements. However, I’d more call it “pay-2-dominate” than pay-2-win. The basic premise is that you collect characters and level them up so that you can make a crew of your best 5 to complete missions and battle PvP. Obviously, this is where the pay-2-win comes in. You can get rare, ultra and epic over time… but prestige characters are game changers and can only be had through real cash. Here’s the rub… it’s not even guaranteed! Some guy posted a video of dropping $150 and only got rares and ultra rares. Meaning that those who have badass teams have spent most likely north of $1,000. If you spend like that, you dominate. If you don’t you’re in the same boat with the 99.9% of us.

The subject matter is there for me since it’s TWD (combines the comic book universe with Telltale). I think the other main draw for me is that you are trying to collect new characters so it’s kind of like achievement hunting… but not quite.

So… my question to you all: What other games are you playing? Does it feel weird not gaming for achievements?


I was playing Pokemon Shuffle before my phone locked be out. There are no achievements, but collecting the critters is a satisfactory analog.

I also play a lot of Magic The Gathering Puzzle Quest - collectible card game on my phone.

Having achievements would be great, but I think it would change the experience and I’m not sure in a good way.


I play Destiny regularly with friends even without going for achievement-related objectives.

I play Magic: The Gathering (with physical cards) on occasion too. I’ve been meaning to attend some local tournaments but can’t seem to find the time.

On Xbox, there are two games I’d play for fun even after completing them: Spelunky and Chariot. They are so great.


What do you do in Chariot at this point? Chasing the leaderboards in the speedruns? I’ve thought about that. It was fun knocking those out.
I loved Spelunky, but I was never very good at. That’s a tough completion.


I can just replay the story again, trying different gadgets. Between writing the walkthrough and getting reset by a glitch, I’ve played through Chariot about 4 times now.


I played Carcassonne a good bit after completing all the achievements. There are a few phone games I’ve played for fun, like word games, but it doesn’t seem right investing time in a game without achievements. Dang Microsoft’s oily hide…