Gaming Music


I saw there was a topic on listening to music while gaming and about just music but I thought a good thread would be about actual gaming music. I realize a lot of the new stuff has traditional songs in it (such as a FIFA or something like that) but I actually really enjoy “GAMING music”.

Let me kick it off with what I consider my favorite two gaming songs:

  1. Castlevania - Wicked Child : I have listened to this song since it came out. I actually bought a konami cassete tape back in the day just to listen to it outside the game. Now, in light of sites like overclockedremix, I have every remix available at my fingertips including an orchestra version, metal version, and about ten EDM takes on it. Side bar: Great workout song

  2. Wizards and Warriors - Main Theme: Difficult to say why those electronic notes strike my fancy but I am straight up addicted to the song. There are so many versions, much like wicked child (see above) but one hasnt lived until you have heard the remix by Trenthian entitled "Wizards in my armor (warrior in my long-johns).

Would enjoy hearing other people’s favs.



I played a ton of Frequency and Amplitude back in the day - those were great tracks - although gray line in terms of “Game Music”


Doom! The way Mick Gordon’s thrash riffs were weaved into gameplay was just fantastic. I was grinning like a madman from the moment doomguy cocks his shotgun in the elevator and the music made all the difference.


Very old: Wizball. Specifically the main game theme:

Quake. The original soundtrack for Quake was written by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame, and the way soundtracks worked in those days was that it would play the audio direct off the CD as per a regular CD, and “Track 1” was where the software was actually stored. You can buy an original Quake CD and put it in your stereo, and from Track 2 on you have all the soundtrack songs in perfect quality. For NIN devotees it was highly sought after, particularly the Quake demo which was free but had the whole soundtrack anyway.

Silent Hill (all of them). Silent Hill 2’s is probably the most well known and iconic, but I really love creepy soundscapes like this.

More recent ones I’ve listened to a lot:

Sword & Sworcery is just awesome:

Airmech (Front Line Assembly):


When it’s about gaming music, I think the best soundtracks are with Nintendo games. I know every Zelda OoT track by heart, the same goes for the Mario titles. They are simply awesome and I haven’t come across any other OST of today’s games that at least comes close to the originality of Nintendo tunes.
In Zelda OoT, when you leave the Kokiri village for the first time and enter the Hyrule field, you get to hear the perfect music to go along with that feeling.