Gears of War 3 Coop -- Zed to Zed community Session


I have put up the first ZtZ community boosting session for Gears of War 3 coop.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 at 22:00 CST

This will most likely take a few weeks to complete as long as people are interested.


Awesome - totally down for this.


Would be down for this but will be in the middle of the night in uk.


What better time to eviscerate locusts?


Put me in, coach. 20 characters? Can we change that? Otherwise, I’m just going to add a sig. ;p


Fair point, but I think getting up for work on Wednesday might not happen!


I’m in! This should be fun!


I bumped into this myself just recently. I’ve dropped it to 10.


Suacy make sure you sign up.


Done and done.


Seems there’s a really quick way to boost the Engineer medals, but it’s going to require uninstalling the 360 version (or just the updates) and then disconnecting from the internet while boosting. I’m not sure if you can get the XBOne version to download the original. I’m sure it’d just download the latest patched version. I’ll attempt it this week unless someone beats me to it.


I only have the Xbox one edition so I wont be beating you to it. Thank you for looking into this and if you chip away at it.


Do we need another session set up, or just meet on Tuesday?


I’m ok with just meeting but wont be opposed to getting my boosting session feedback up!


I think I can remember or set up a google calendar to remind myself, but yeah, I wouldn’t mind the boosting session feedback. I’m at 40/100 Hail Mary’s after about an hour of grinding on Gridlock. I think the Engineering medals are supposed to go quicker with the 360 method.


Sorry set the session up and forgot to post the link

Gears of War 3 Session 9/6 22:00 CST


Ok, I did the trick on the 360 and now have the unlimited ammo mutator. I wanted to see if it would be possible to do this on the XB1, but from navigating the memory settings on the BC version, I can tell it’s not possible without the 360 version. I can do a quick write-up on how to get it if you guys want additional coverage. If you already have turrets opened up in Horde mode then I think you’re looking at 15-30 minutes of grinding max. If you don’t have turrets, it’s going to take you about 30 minutes to unlock turrets and then another 15-30 to get all the medals.


Saucy can you sign up for session?


Sorry about that I did it earlier but didn’t leave any text and thought it went through but see it didn’t now. Thought you were making me wait!


New session is up for Tuesday.