Gears of War 3 "UK Friendly" Boosting Session


Hi all, this has been mentioned in the titanfall UK boosting post. Thought i would make it a new topic so everyone got a chance to see it. Myself and @Mclovin are looking to do a 4 player co-op insane run of campain much like the US session. We are looking at Friday evenings starting around 8-8:30 GMT and lasting for as long as everyone is avaliable. Hoping to get 2 more of the community to join us, will be good to get to know some more of you. Please let me know if you are interested and i will get it organised. Thanks Keith


I’m definitely interested in doing some Gears with you guys but I’m not able to do any this week on holiday at the moment but I’m good to go for the 25th


Excellent, thats awesome. Hopefully we will get someone else on board to make up the last place. I can start on 25th if thats good with @Mclovin. Enjoy your holiday! COYS!!! :soccer:


25th is good for me aswel. We just need 1 more. Can everyone just move to the UK?


Hi @Mclovin and @Buckmarley155 I got @Freamwhole to give this session a shout out on this weeks podcast (thanks for that Brandon!). If we don’t get anyone else interested by Friday morning shall we hold on a week and hope we get one more sign up once more people have heard the podcast? If you are interested in joining us then please just post a reply in this thread. Thanks


That’s good with me. If we don’t get anyone from the community by next Wednesday, maybe we should put a session up on TA to try and find 1 more? What do you guys think?


Yeah i’m fine with that it would be nice to have a group of 4.


Sounds good to me, let’s hope we get someone from the community. If not a TA session should be fine not experienced with them, just hope we get someone reliable.


The session is up chaps. Join away


If anyone is wanting to join in but doesn’t have the game let me know as I have a spare code for it. Also have codes for gears 1, 2 and judgement if anyone wants any of those!