Gears of War 4?


Anyone getting this? Thinking about it… but I don’t have a regular group that I play with and the big draw this year is horde. Curious if there are any players out there who are going to be day 1 people.


I wasn’t going to get it… and then I did. BestBuy has a trade in for some games where they’ll give you $20-$30 for certain games towards a Gears 4 pre-order. I traded in Black Ops III because I wasn’t playing it like I thought I would and I know that it’ll drop in price when I’m ready to circle back to it.


Yeah I am picking it up also.


I got it, and would like to find a group to do Horde and also a co-op partner for an insane run through of the story.


Looking to run horde with consistent group. I have a session up for Saturday 10/15 and would like to do it weekly 1 or 2 nights. I can do any night at the session time (9 pm eastern) if people are interested.

Eventually would like to get the group to a point where we will run through on Insane.
Since all these achievements will require us to complete all 50 waves in 1 sitting on insane with each class.


Picking up my copy tonight! Looking to hop right into horde this weekend!