GFWL Games questions


Was just curious as to if anyone knows any of the steam based versions of the games that give achievements? I know RE:ORC has gamerscore but Im curious as to others. Also im looking for someone to run coop in re5 pc. If anyone is down let me know.


From my BALROG list, I have the following as GFWL games available on Steam:

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Ms. Splosion Man
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends
Toy Soldiers

And maybe Section 8: Prejudice although everything MP is discontinued.

@Crandy would know of any others…


Ms. Splosion Man you have to go to the launch options and select -beta

Also GTA IV GFWL works on the steam version.

The others I just have the retail disc so the achievements still work, RE:ORC being one of those.


Others that are still listed include:
-Blacklight Tango down
-Lost Planet 2
-Section 8 / Section 8 Prejudice (might be delisted)
-Mortal Kombat Kollection

Also, ITSP on Steam has been patched out as far as I know. It is still available on Amazon with GFWL though.


I got these recently on Steam which support GFWL:

  • F1 2010

  • F1 2011

  • FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

I also registered into Steam an old code I got second hand in for Dirt3 but havent downloaded it yet. Does anyone know if the Steam version - ‘Dirt 3 Complete Edition’ supports GFWL?


Chances are all of the CodeMasters games still work, so you could probably add Operation Flashpoint: Red River to your list, though I’m unsure if you can still get the DLC.


Oh man I thought Section 8 was a full shutdown. I will have to revisit it. Also the Mortal Kombat Kollection is in my library and I never even opened it! You guys just made my day!


The dedicated multiplayer servers shut down, but single player is still good and I think there may be a couple multiplayer things that still work. I did a lot of testing for GI when the servers shut, so the flags on TA are accurate for what you can and can’t get.