Great Random To Do List Unlocks (2016-2017 Season)

This post will contain automated updates of achievement unlocks as they are scanned in for the 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge.

angelsk unlocked The rule of four.
big ell unlocked Crush Combo!.
big ell unlocked 20 Windchill Glacier.
big ell unlocked The Will of the Prophets.
buckmarley155 unlocked Purple Heart.
buckmarley155 unlocked Heat.
buckmarley155 unlocked Exo Survival Veteran.
cer3bra1asassin unlocked Points III.
cer3bra1asassin unlocked Reading the Green.
cer3bra1asassin unlocked IMC Pilot.
cer3bra1asassin unlocked Raise the Roof.
cer3bra1asassin unlocked Force Repulse Mastery.
csgeeksquad unlocked Prologue.
csgeeksquad unlocked Centurion.
csgeeksquad unlocked Keys Streaker.
deathguard 123 unlocked Kung Fu Fighting.
deathguard 123 unlocked Not without a Fight.
enigma gamer 77 unlocked Party Crasher.
enigma gamer 77 unlocked Dispense With This.
enigma gamer 77 unlocked Requiem.
enigma gamer 77 unlocked The Path Most Traveled.
enigma gamer 77 unlocked Chief Judge.
freamwhole unlocked Bombs Away!.
freamwhole unlocked Crimson Skies.
ghost world unlocked Welcome to Sevastopol.
giant hunger unlocked It ain’t like dusting crops boy.
giant hunger unlocked Control.
jelliedbigfoot unlocked Driven.
jstryker416 unlocked Iron Heartache.
jstryker416 unlocked War.
jstryker416 unlocked Slam Master.
jstryker416 unlocked A creator is born.
jstryker416 unlocked Silver x10.
jstryker416 unlocked Hurt me plenty.
keith271179 unlocked Piggy Bank.
keith271179 unlocked Multiplied Mayhem.
kez001 unlocked Shoot them up!.
kooshmoose unlocked Holdout.
kooshmoose unlocked All Rounder.
kooshmoose unlocked An ode to Rube Goldberg.
kooshmoose unlocked Are you even trying?.
kooshmoose unlocked Hara Kiri.
kooshmoose unlocked Snowfall Success.
kunzite508 unlocked Foreman.
kunzite508 unlocked A Display of Strength.
kunzite508 unlocked Getting Social.
kunzite508 unlocked Couch Party.
kunzite508 unlocked Drums in the Distance.
markybhoy89 unlocked Tin Boy.
markybhoy89 unlocked This is My Yard.
matrarch unlocked Cheat!.
matrarch unlocked Topsy Turvy.
matrarch unlocked BURNING RUBBER.
matrarch unlocked Human Spring.
matrarch unlocked Suiter.
matrarch unlocked Moon walk.
matrarch unlocked Connect the dots.
mattism unlocked Jack of all Trades.
mattism unlocked One In, One Out.
mclovin legend1 unlocked Fashion Savvy.
mitrialb unlocked Let’s Do It Again.
mitrialb unlocked 20 Runs.
mitrialb unlocked It’s Mine Now.
mitrialb unlocked Gone with the Wind.
mitrialb unlocked Glow Golf Amateur.
posty unlocked Unquenched thirst.
proulx unlocked Pancake Parlor.
proulx unlocked King Godd.
proulx unlocked Gladiator.
proulx unlocked Lean, Green and Mean.
proulx unlocked Comrade Presidente.
proulx unlocked Completed Single Agent.
proulx unlocked Orbital Skull.
r56coopers11 unlocked Feeding Frenzy.
saucyslingo unlocked Death From Above.
spankynspronkle unlocked Driving School.
spankynspronkle unlocked Re-Re-Re-REMIX!.
spankynspronkle unlocked Mythic.
spankynspronkle unlocked Shield Breaker.
spazpol unlocked …has become the master.
stushniken unlocked Dog Whisperer.
stushniken unlocked Secrets revealed I.
stushniken unlocked Greedy.
stushniken unlocked Close to Hardcore.
wallrunnrninja unlocked Outta Space.
wallrunnrninja unlocked Death from Above.
weasel pizza unlocked The bigger they are….
weasel pizza unlocked Inferno.
xtowers unlocked Fruit Enthusiast.

Acaraba2 unlocked Superconductor.
DolfanboyCJ unlocked Chicken Runner.
DolfanboyCJ unlocked Team Player.
Enigma Gamer 77 unlocked Enjoy Your Homecoming.
Freamwhole unlocked Training Montage.
Giant Hunger unlocked Mind Games.
Keith271179 unlocked Speedy One One Seven.
Kez001 unlocked Wyrmslayer.
Kunzite508 unlocked Eyes On The Road.
Kunzite508 unlocked A Great Wind is Blowing.
Kunzite508 unlocked Mask Another’s Memory.
Matrarch unlocked European Treasure Hunter.
McLovin Legend1 unlocked Sad Way to Go.
McLovin Legend1 unlocked Revelations.
MitRialb unlocked Deal Breaker.
Proulx unlocked Thunder Chosen One.
Spankynspronkle unlocked Efficient Shopper.
Spankynspronkle unlocked Monster Hunter.
TheNyghty unlocked Multi Millionaire.

Bsmittel unlocked Ungrateful.
Bsmittel unlocked Invisible Intruder.
Bsmittel unlocked Distant Thunder.
Cer3bra1asassin unlocked Sector 4, Completed.
Cer3bra1asassin unlocked Competitive Glory.
CSGeekSquad unlocked AI Hacking Specialist.
DeathGuard 123 unlocked Invisible Savior.
DolfanboyCJ unlocked Return to Sender.
Enigma Gamer 77 unlocked Multi Face-eted.
Ghost World unlocked The Future of Gaming.
Giant Hunger unlocked 1,000,000 BC Completed!.
Kez001 unlocked Mint Condition.
Kez001 unlocked World-Class Fashion Model.
markybhoy89 unlocked Nirvana No Aimz.
ninjeestarr unlocked Trouble Maker.
Spankynspronkle unlocked Inhabitant.
TheNyghty unlocked Master Of Stealth.
v1p3rs bite unlocked Hell Hath No Fury….
v1p3rs bite unlocked Him Diddle Riddle.
v1p3rs bite unlocked This game is rigged!.
v1p3rs bite unlocked Tour of Duty.

Xpovos unlocked Dragon Rider! from Rayman Legends.

BuckMarley155 unlocked First Contact from Whispering Willows.

BuckMarley155 unlocked Geronimooo! from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

CSGeekSquad unlocked Long Shot from Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure (Win 8).

Tatey unlocked Four Friends from Flockers.

gambler6464 unlocked I Got This from Forza Motorsport 6.
gambler6464 unlocked Asplosion from Super Time Force.
gambler6464 unlocked Expedition Leader from Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 10).

Jstryker416 unlocked Shelter From The Storm from Raiden IV.

Matrarch unlocked Ship Solver from Stacking.

Posty unlocked Master of the Mines from Leo’s Fortune.

v1p3rs bite unlocked Leader of the Tribe from DreamWorks Super Star Kartz.
v1p3rs bite unlocked Try Anything Once from Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Kez001 unlocked Chapter 4 from Armored Core 4.

Proulx unlocked The Golden Ticket from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Proulx unlocked Ass of Fire from South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360).

QuickMythril unlocked Betilla’s Back! from Rayman Origins.

ninjeestarr unlocked Card Amateur from Lies of Astaroth.

v1p3rs bite unlocked Eat floor… High fiber. from LEGO Batman.

zzUrbanSpaceman unlocked This Is fantastic! from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox 360).

Angelsk unlocked Lock picker from Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper (EU).
Angelsk unlocked Strategist from Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper (EU).

Big Ell unlocked Drawful: “Art” Connoisseur from The Jackbox Party Pack.

DeathGuard 123 unlocked Don’t Keep Her Waiting from Silent Hill HD Collection.
DeathGuard 123 unlocked Viking Slaughterer from Viking: Battle For Asgard.

Jstryker416 unlocked Artisan from Killer Instinct.

Cer3bra1asassin unlocked Guided Entry from Kinect Fun Labs: Mars Rover Landing.

Kez001 unlocked Dust to Dust from THIEF (Xbox 360).

NBA Kirkland unlocked All for One, One for All from Gears of War 3.

QuickMythril unlocked Madoka NORMAL from Otomedius Excellent.

Keith271179 unlocked Evacuated from Halo: Spartan Assault.

Xtowers unlocked Big Spender from Halo: Spartan Strike (Win 8).

Big Ell unlocked A safer place from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Kunzite508 unlocked The Aftermath from Gears of War: Judgment.

Kunzite508 unlocked My Love for You Is Like a Truck from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

CSGeekSquad unlocked Champion of Champions from World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions.

Ghost World unlocked First ONLINE DIVISIONS win from Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

Giant Hunger unlocked Go Sit in the Corner from Injustice: Gods Among Us.

ninjeestarr unlocked High Five! from Minesweeper (WP).

Proulx unlocked “Radiation Levels Detected” from The Orange Box.

whtthfgg unlocked Flawless Victory from Defense Grid: The Awakening.

zzUrbanSpaceman unlocked The Birdskulls are Watching from Fenix Furia.

Acaraba2 unlocked Home Run from Baseball Riot.

Matrarch unlocked Master Class from Kinect Sports.

Proulx unlocked Professional Thief from Saints Row.

Acaraba2 unlocked Chill Out from Saints Row IV.
Acaraba2 unlocked Feel the power from Monster Go! (Win 8).