Great Random To Do List Unlocks (2016-2017 Season)


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Ménage à Trois from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


@Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Ring Leader from Crackdown.

@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Getting Your Sea Legs from Rare Replay.
@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Double Check from Pure Chess.
@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Backfired from SpeedRunners.


@whtthfgg (whtthfgg) unlocked Word Spud: Group Hug from The Jackbox Party Pack.


@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Space Ranger Elite from Toy Story 3.

@Spazpol (Spazpol) unlocked Hot Hand from Lode Runner Classic (WP).


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Time for a Tire Change from Zoo Tycoon.


@ChinDocta (ChinDocta) unlocked Siphon…Siphoff… from Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked A Helping Hand from Vertical Drop Heroes HD.


@Freamwhole (Freamwhole) unlocked Infinity from Super Time Force.


@ChinDocta (ChinDocta) unlocked Film Buff from Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

@RADtech2448 (RADtech2448) unlocked Researcher from Equalicious (WP).


@weazleylouise (Weazleylouise) unlocked Ruin it for Everyone from Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition.


@Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Live Bait from The Orange Box.


@Crunchygoblin68 (CrunchyGoblin68) unlocked Hong Kong’s Finest from Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.


@Matrarch (Matrarch) unlocked Four-Eyes from Boggle.


@Ch0senlast (Ch0senlast) unlocked Rank - Expert Builder! from LEGO Worlds.

@Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked Times Square Off from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked High Heels from Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14.


@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Arcade Pwner from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.


@ChinDocta (ChinDocta) unlocked Half Mill Man from Jetpac Refuelled.

@GiantHunger (Giant Hunger) unlocked Skulltaker Halo: CE: Black Eye from Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Heating Up from GunWorld 2.


@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Burning Out of Control from Doom II: Hell on Earth.


@Buffalo_Of_Lies (Buffalo of Lies) unlocked Gate Review from Rare Replay.


@RADtech2448 (RADtech2448) unlocked Ain’t No Generic Cleric from Happy Dungeons.


@SaucySlingo (SaucySlingo) unlocked Skulltaker Halo: CE: Fog from Halo: The Master Chief Collection.