Great Random To Do List Unlocks (2016-2017 Season)


@Elde (Elde) unlocked Orange Belt from Killer Instinct.


@Elde (Elde) unlocked The Return of Megg from Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


@Xtowers (Xtowers) unlocked First Class from Microsoft Bingo (Win 10).


@IrishGoliathx (Irish Goliath x) unlocked Wanted Dead or Alive from Deadlight.


@apollo2342 (APOLLO2342) unlocked Dummy from The Solus Project.

@Xpovos (Xpovos) unlocked Bob the destroyer from Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition.


@Kooshmoose (KooshMoose) unlocked Father of all zombies from Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition.


@BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Solved World 6 from Braid.


@Matrarch (Matrarch) unlocked Judgement from Murdered: Soul Suspect.


@Matthewh00 (Matthewh00) unlocked Annihilation from Titanfall 2.

@Xtowers (Xtowers) unlocked Time Trials from Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad.


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked No Kingdom for the Old Man from CastleStorm – Definitive Edition.

@SaucySlingo (SaucySlingo) unlocked Cakemonger from Angry Birds Classic (WP).


@UnfadingShimmy (UnfadingShimmy) unlocked You Never Studied from Ghostbusters: The Video Game.


@UnfadingShimmy (UnfadingShimmy) unlocked Zoo Keeper from Saints Row IV.


@weazleylouise (Weazleylouise) unlocked Senior sovereign from Imperia Online (WP).


@Eliphelet77 (Eliphelet77) unlocked Alcatraz Escape from Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP).


@zzUrbanSpaceman (zzUrbanSpaceman) unlocked Medal Completionist from Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Desperate Measurements from Battleborn.
@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Prosperity from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


@Dibbs93 (Dibbs93) unlocked Flock off, feather-face! from DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition.


@weazleylouise (Weazleylouise) unlocked Skilled Pilot from Angry Birds Star Wars (WP).


@weazleylouise (Weazleylouise) unlocked Strength in numbers from Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops (WP).


@christamDS (christamDS) unlocked ACR | My Protégé from Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection.