Halo MCC boosting


Looking to do lall 5 egendary campaigns or whatever else needs to be done. Hit me up if interested.


I am down to play this… I haven’t played too much lately so I am unfamiliar with the maps if you’re looking to speed run them to get all legendary campaigns done in under 3 hours. However, I have played tons of Halo before and am aware enough of the game mechanics to hold my own on Legendary as a co-op partner.

What time are you looking to play? I am good to go around 9PM EST every night. Not sure if that works with your time zone.


I’m interested as well, but can only commit to playing on weekdays from 6 AM to 7 AM Central Time


@spankyNspronkle that’s perfect. I’m in Maryland so we have the same time zone and that’s about when I’ll be able to get on as well. I usually don’t have time on weekends except for Sunday nights except this one since it’s the super bowl. My main focus right now is jus completing the legendary campaigns with the par score, skulls, and terminals when able and going thru again later on a low difficulty to get par time.

@LordChabelo13 sorry but I won’t be able to make that due to work, if your ever on at night I would always love to have you join in. I’ll help you with whatever you need if your ever able to find time at night.


I don’t play too much on weekends either… sometimes on Sunday night. I still need skulls, but think I already got everything else. Can par scores be done in co-op? If so… I need just about all of them.


Ya they can. I’ve earned a few while playing with a friend. The par scores are super easy to get in co op legendary.


Nice! Want to start tonight?


Unfortunately I can’t. I won’t be able to play til Sunday night.


All good. I’ll be watching the game Sunday… we can start Monday!


I’d join you guys for Halo


we still haven’t linked up yet… realized its because I didn’t have you as a friend on XBL :blush:


Haha ya we gotta link up. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do it tonight because my uncle passed and it’s his viewing but if your free we could tomorrow night.