Have you completed the very first game on your Gamertag?


Defiantly, huh? Such a rebel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your defiant alot. :wink: @BigEll


It’s my XBOX I’ll do what I want!


Batman: Arkham City. Those damn Challenge Maps.


Oh yeah, they’re painful. I still need to polish off the PC ones, eh @FacialLaFleur? Where’s my copy, dammit!

Not sure if I’ll ever get around to finishing of the Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight ones.


Dammit, why did someone bring up this game! Soon. :cry:


I don’t even have 14 hours per week to spend gaming - where am I going to find 14 hours straight through?


You can pause. Just set up the 360 somewhere out of the way and leave it on until you’re done. Should only take you … 7 nights? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sonic '06 was my first game. I want to finish it quite badly and have tried to go back to it multiple times, but it’s so bad I can never stick with it. I think I am about half done at this point.


So on this tag when I reset I knew I was going for achievements so yes I have completed the 1st game on my tag. It would have been hard not to :wink:



Started this game 10 yrs ago :grimacing: and finally finished it 4 yrs later


Banjo Kazooie - pretty much played and completed over the course of a week and a bit :slight_smile:


Left 4 Dead. I had the full completion on a local profile. After losing 3/4 expert maps when they did a patch update (I think for the DLC?) I decided to put it off. Been a LONG time.


Bah mine has a discontinued achievement. Oddly only 1 for Madden 07, play a live opponent, which with EA controlling their own servers will never happen. I could still get 995 points out of it. I almost think I still have that disc.

edit: this might not be correct, is there an easy way to tell your first game on your gamertag? a few games above Madden 07 is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and I know I had Call of Duty Modern Warfare when it came out…


TA did a story on people’s first achievement for the 10 year anniversary of achievements. Link should show you what your first time-stamped achievement was. Iron for me in Halo 3, January 14th, 2008. Now I know the exact date to go back to when I get a time machine and slap some sense into myself. :slight_smile:


Snap, was just in the process of posting that too.


Thanks for the link and the effort. According to that link it’s Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 XBLA the first one TA says I achieved “online”. Technically still a possible to get those 100 xbox live wins with a boost I suppose so I’ll go with this one…


Sweet, that means I can stop working on Rockstar Table Tennis and switch to Kameo instead.


9/3/06 Street Fighter II, completed 11/6/06. As mentioned on the podcast I was on. A completion before completions were a thing.


Sadly my first achievement was in Hexic so that’s never going to happen :frowning: