Hawken Boosting


Anyone interested in knocking this game out? It’s a short list that can easily be boosted on a Japan server (just like the Titanfall method). Pretty high TA as well if that’s your thing. I think its 8 or 10 to lock down a lobby, but is dead enough that we be able to launch with less.


If it’s a relatively quick game to boost (e.g. I don’t want to be putting 50 hours into it!) and we can set up a workable common time, I’m up for it.


I am interested depending on time. would love to get this game knocked out.


Much shorter… 8-10 hours to have the full 1,000


Depending on day and time, I would be down for this.

Moving this weekend and internet isn’t scheduled to come out until next week, but if after that, game on.


Im down to boost it as well


I’m in…if we can do it on my nights off…


Im also intrested in boosting this. But on EU time.