Help My Mom Through Desperate Times


It comes with a huge hit to my pride that my life has come to the point of asking others for help, but the alternative is to be potentially homeless. If it were just myself being affected by this situation, I’d roll with the punches and accept my fate. But it’s not. My mother, who has worked so hard her entire life to take care of everyone else is in danger of losing her house and I cannot stand by and let that happen.

Unfortunately I’m not quite where I thought I would be by this point in my life and have to resort to depending on the generosity of others. I just hope I haven’t been such grumpy old bastard to everyone that I come in contact with that that results in people not willing to assist my mother because of how I’ve treated them. I’m generally anti-social and intentionally keep very few friends around, which means the likelihood of a campaign such as this succeeding is low unless I bring others into the loop and hope they can help in some way. If not financially, then at least help by spreading the word to others that might be able to.

Thank you in advance for even going as far as to click the link and read the story. That you may care enough to take the time to do even that means a lot to me regardless of what happens afterward.

Angel gave me the idea to create a link so that anyone that wants to send funds directly to me without fees can do so.