Hey Kids, It's Spanky!

  • Explain your gamer tag - what does it mean and how do you pronounce it correctly?

Believe it or not, the title of this thread is actually my old AIM (AOL Instant Messenger for you kiddos’) user handle. Needless to say, Spanky has been a nickname for about 15 years and carried right through college. Spronkle is actually a nickname I have for the Mrs. When we went on our first date, we grabbed some ice cream and she asked for spronkles instead of sprinkles (shots, jimmies, whatever you call them near you) and it kind of stuck for her. You won’t catch her gaming as much anymore unless you see us playing some couch co-op.

As for pronunciation…people tend to just call me spanky, which isn’t too hard to pronounce so no real need to explain that piece. Most people who try to say the full name in FPS lobbies call me spankyNspronkey… but its long and they end up just shortening it to spanky during the game.

  • Tell us a little about yourself

I am a hospital administrator on long island and it’s an industry I never thought I would find myself in. I went to school and recieved my degree in Finance and Accounting and had aspirations of working on Wall Street. I wanted to work on my interview skills as a student so I would use our Career Center at the university to go on interviews for companies I had no interest in working for… I just wanted to get some practice in. Oddly enough, I went on an interview and thought the job sounded interesting. I then went on two more interviews at the company and was offered a job 4 months prior to my graduation date. I started with them as a data analyst as week after the commencement ceremony and worked my way up the ranks pretty quickly over the past 10 years. I hope to be running the hospital some day (currently the CFO and running 3 departments).

Outside of work, I am married with a two year old. Having my son has really slowed my gaming down, which has forced me to reprioritize how and when I game.

  • When and how did you get into achievements?

My first two games were NCAA Football 2007 and MLB 2K6 so I thought achievements were easy as can be. Unfortunately, my third and fourth games were Hexic HD and Project Gotham Racing 3… I then realized that not every game was a simple completion. I was hooked pretty early on, but there was a brief period that I sold my 360 and got a PS3 after a few rounds of the RROD. I spent two years playing Call of Duty Black Ops and Resistance 2 and then came back to the 360 when the Kinect came out. I know it gets a lot of flack… but I do enjoy the hardware and am sad to see it dying.

  • What’s your favorite genre?

Definitely Shooters. I was a bro gamer in college and only played Halo 2, the latest iteration of Madden and NFS Underground 2. Being into achievements has definitely broadened my horizons to other games, but some I still can’t bring myself to get into. I find myself losing interest in open world games, which tend to be the highest reviewed (GTA, Red Dead, Skyrim). I think that I get distracted if I don’t have a clear path to follow… which is probably why I gravitate towards FPS games that basically have you advancing down a corridor to the next set of baddies.

  • What type of gamer are you?

I was working towards being a completionist up until a month ago. I would work on games in my backlog that I had no interest in… I would play in mundane boosting sessions just to get a single achievement… Gaming was becoming more of a chore than a hobby. I decided to participate in the latest bean dive and was able to clear out my entire pile of games other than a dozen or so (actually placed 3rd on the leaderboard too). I feel so much more liberated now as I play what I want, when I want. If I can’t get the achievement, I skip it. My main goal now is to get my gamerscore up. My unofficial target is 6,000 GS per month… but we will see if I can stick to that. My gaming time is limited to about 15 hours per week and needing to complete 1.5 games per week can be taxing when you’ve been through most of the quick and easy ones. At that pace, I’ll be at 400,000 before the end of 2018.

I think what ultimately changed my attitude was coming to the realization that there are really only two types of completionists. There are the A 2rue LeGacY’s (~600,000 GS and 100% complete) of the world and everyone else. Obviously, his angle (since we all need them now-a-days) is probably to be the first to 1,000,000 GS with a 100% completion percentage. Good for him and I hope he gets there. To me, you are either at 100% or bust… There is no point in driving yourself crazy trying to get to 99% only to know 100% is not a possibility due to knobs and discos.

  • What’s your favorite completion and why?

Crimson Dragon. It was done 100% legit and is one of the few high ratio completions that does not have boosting or cheesing of any achievements.

  • What is your least favorite completion and why?

Probably Kinect Sesame Street TV… I finished it off during the last Random To Do List challenge and it makes me sick to think of what else I could have spent the $30+ on that I spent on stupid episodes for season 2.


Great read. Thanks for sharing.

It is a bummer about Kinect, because at some point your son will be prime Kinect age and there will be nothing to play. I remember watching my kids play Kinect Party & Happy Action Theater and just histarically laughing. Something tells me a VR experience like that won’t have the same impact. (Nor would I put an $800 headset on my son).


Fun read. Echoing what Fream said, my son got into Kinect at around 3 years old, playing the Just Dance games. Now he prefers controller games, but he still loves Just Dance and Kinect Sports 1 and 2. (He’s 6 now). As long as you have that XBox 360, there are plenty of Kinect games at your disposal.

As far as Kinect Sesame Street goes, that game is PERFECT for your 2 year old son! That was one of the fist things my son did on Kinect, throwing those coconuts or whatever into Grover’s box. That sounds pretty dirty, doesn’t it…

Anyway, I do think you can still enjoy completions here and there without being able to get 100% across the board. Just don’t sweat it if you can’t!


Definitely going to complete games… but only those that I feel inclined to finish. No more of the mindless grinding (basically all the Xbox 360 Gears of War games). I don’t mind the grind on the X1 version of Gears of War since you can play Blitz for kills. I am actually just about there. 8,100/10,000 and I tend to pop about 150 per night since I average 30-40 kills per match.


Welcome spanky… I too only go for completions if its obtainable or the game has me hooked enough to want to work on it :slight_smile:


I agree on the grinding. I only grind if it’s enjoyable. Some grinds like Rayman are a fun kind of pain. Other grinds are the 5-10 minutes a day for a month and I don’t mind those either. Then there’s the G.R.A.W. kind of grinds and I don’t have time or the desire to work on. So… if I’m enjoying a game, sure, I’ll do my best to complete it. If it’s a crap game with a grind, I’ll juice that puppy for as much GS as I can get off of the low-hanging fruit and move on.