How much gamerscore in Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection? (Also AC monthly contest in Dec?)


There are several ways they could go on this but hopefully it’s similar to what Bioshock did with its collection.
Ezio will contain all the single player DLC which amounts to 250gs for The Da Vinci Disappearance in Brotherhood and the often loathed 250gs for The Lost Archive in Revelations.
Brotherhood and Revelations had multiplayer achievements in the base game which will be gone.
So hopefully it will show as 3 separate games worth about 1K each.
God help me if they stuff it all into 1K. :disappointed_relieved:
Any other guesses?

The collection releases Nov. 15th. Does @Freamwhole what to make December (or Nov.) AC month?


It will come up - for sure. Just not sure when. There are so many series we will work on.


Trophies are out. Looks like it will be 3 games with the exact same SP achievements. Most likely 3K unless they don’t adjust a few of the point values in which case it would be a little more than 3K, but that seems unlikely.


Yeah, I think they’d just end up rebalancing the points


And surprise. It’s just one list. lol.
Weird, with it being 3 lists on PS4. shrug