Lies of Astaroth


If anyone plans on starting Lies of Astaroth soon here’s my referral code: 44t5w5 (it will get you a free 4* card called Time Traveller which is a great card)_

Also if anyone needs tips on the game I can help I 3 stared all maps up to 8 and completed map 10, just grinding out some of the last achievements for absurd gold and card collecting.

**Be careful some achievements are still not available (not enough cards in game but they have been adding some almost every month.) and be warned some achievements are glitchy (mostly logins)
They have patched other achievements that were buggy before.

Let me know if you need deck ideas or help on what you need to focus on daily and what can be passed up.

Cheers :slight_smile:


What do you recommend for a deck? I am level 45-ish and stick mostly with Hell cards since I have a few 4* and 5* that add benefits to all Hell Card actively being played (increased damage and HP). Not sure if I should be taking a different approach. I am not in front of my X1, but I am around level 5 or 6 with 3 stars in everything up to the level I am on. Should I continue the course or start building a different deck for down the road? Don’t want to over-invest in one type.

As a note, I do have other cards I sub in for the challenges that require multiple 1* or 2* cards… or cards from Forest, etc.


I was going mostly around Kingdom because I owned more kingdom 4*-5* cards then others but will recommend against limiting yourself in 1 faction, the main reason would be you are skipping other great cards by narrowing your deck to a specific type and also limiting your runes.

Runes can be game changing I personally love:
Arctic Freeze (gives ice shield)
Permafrost (casts blizzard)
Thundershield (gives retaliation)
Tornado (casts lightning chain)

The way you play with your runes is as important,runes have a counter on how many times each can be used. So holding back 1 card to hold back your runes from triggering too early can be great. (i.e. casting a kingdom card turn 1 will give you ice shield for 3 turns after that card dies but keeping your card till later will give you ice shields in later turns which will most likely protect your late game cards better. Blocking more damage.)

Also waiting at the start of the match and playing 3-4 cards on 1 turn instead of 1 per turn can be devastating and give you a advantage.

Just make a deck including all your solo strongest cards (cards who are good on there own regardless of faction) and go from there.

If you could give me a list or captures of your 4-5 star cards I could give you a deck build and see where you stand better.


The new rune rules are terrible, they made an endless grind even more difficult and they made another change that if you win a battle but don’t get the goal of the level 2/3 you don’t get any XP. I can confirm that the login streak achievements are working now.


I think I’m at around 80 days now and just got the 14 last week X.X
Yeah the rune change is annoying especially after I spent 20+ million getting 3 burning soul rune… -_-


The log-in reset 16 or so days ago and no prior progress was given as credit… but it is confirmed as fixed. There was an in game message explaining the update.


Also might be a dumb observation but I find if I stack up a bunch of crystals/magic tickets I will get 1-2 or more 5 star cards and a bunch of 4 star … when I spend crystals as soon as I get enough I rarely see 4 star cards… I opened 2x 5 star cards in 3 crystal pack last week :slight_smile: then bought around 5 more and got 4+ 4 star cards.


I have noticed more 5 stars in the crystal packs and tickets as I got a 5 star with a ticket last week and two five stars in seven crystal packs.


Right now I’m just hoarding them :stuck_out_tongue: I got over 3k in crystal and around 40 magic tickets


In the game we got a message that a big update is coming soon and its bringing new achievements =D hurray, glad they fixed the broken achievements before releasing new ones. Happy to see they are staying on top of it :slight_smile:


Always glad to see more… Worried I am too far into the game to get the win with under 10 HP left. Even if I try to clear out invasions in the first two worlds with Murder Dolls, I still can’t get in the right range (0,9…151-159,etc)


Just pass turn without dropping anything then when really low use the murder dolls with to win.


That’s what I’ve been doing… can’t seem to get it just right though :-\


If you own a card that has a really good chain attack you could clear there board and with the murder dolls get yourself super low.


When kingdom deck synchronises greatly :slight_smile: