Mario game on iPhone


Mario coming to iPhone … Nintendo licensing to others … could be interesting would love to see Mario or Smash on Xbox one of these days.
Although I won’t get to play it because I hate iPhone with a passion, wish this would be on android.


They said it would come to Android later.


Nintendo would be much more successful if they abandoned consoles and diverted those resources to hand helds. Then from a software standpoint, they should license out their games to Xbox, Sony and Steam. No one bought a Wii-U and the NX is likely to run into the same issues (weak power, no third party support, overpriced)… they should just call it a day and move on.


Ohh thatnks didnt listen to all of it. :slight_smile:
Now just gimme some smash action :wink:


That - and to cash in all those licenses. After Disney - I can’t think of a company with so many beloved characters and IPs