Monday Night Boosting Session


My Monday’s are free now. What game would you all like to play next?

Sacred citadel
WWE 2016 – or what ever the gwg wrestling title was.
Or something else s long as I have it.

Let me know.


This is the 11 PM EST slot, right? If so, I’d be up for some WWE since they routinely shut down servers quickly.


I could do the WWE or Sacred Citadel. My level 34? warrior should make it pretty easy for a co-op run.


I’m already boosting WWE on Mondays starting at around 9 or 10 PM EST. We have around 4 or 5. The more the merrier so everyone gets matched up quicker. I’ll invite everyone here tomorrow when I see them on and explain anything that needs explaining :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow (or later today)


Yes this would be the 10pm central/11pm eastern. Just looking to see what people are interested in.


Cool. 10 PM ET is a bit early for me but I could jump into anything already in progress closer to 11 PM ET.


Anyone feel free to jump into my party for WWE tonight at any time.


Or not???emphasized text


Tonight was the presidential debate so I watched that instead. It was a hot mess.


Ok…that’s over and we’re all here.


Was nice meeting you, @Kooshmoose! Hopefully more people come out next week. :slight_smile:


It was nice meeting you too. Thanks for showing me the ropes. I’m up for working on that last achievement next week.


I’d like to do the Prey Achievements if you would like to do them still!


I do still need to do prey mp. Maybe we can work out a time to work on it.


just added you on xbox live :slight_smile: let me know when you would like to work on these!


@BigEll you still working on WWE Monday nights?


Not necessarily but I’m happy to help anytime. Hope into discord chat or send me a message on TA or XBox!