Monthly Gamertag Challenge (META THREAD)


This is the rule set for the Monthy Gamertag Challenge. I want to have a home so I can update all the upcoming tags and give you all a heads up to what is coming down the pipe.



  • Contest runs from Midnight UTC on the first day of the month to 23:59 UTC on the last day of the month.


  • You need to unlock an achievement for each letter of the gamertag for the month. Each gamertag completed in this way grants entry into the draw for the month.
  • The game title each achievement is from must begin with the the corresponding letter in the gamertag, or otherwise qualify as noted below.
  • The official game title from TrueAchievements will be used in all cases.
  • You must supply links with gamerid to the achievements you’ve unlocked. The easiest place to get these links from is your personal My Achievements page on TrueAchievements.
  • Achievements must be online and timestamped within the contest period.
  • Each achievement within a gamertag must come from different games. A “stack” is considered a different game. Games may be shared across gamertags on months that have multiple gamertags, but the achievements must be unique.
  • You must be a member of the forum! Obviously, you all see this and are members, but if you share with friends outside of the site, they must join to participate.

Draw Entries

  • A player with a qualifying entry that skips any of the letters E, J, I, O and V will get 1 entry in the draw for that gamertag.
  • A player with a qualifying entry that skips any of the letters Z, U, Y, Q and X, and only these letters, will get 5 entries in the draw for that gamertag.
  • A player with a qualifying entry that has no skipped letters will get 10 entries in the draw for that gamertag.

Special Matching Rules

  • Games that begin with the words The, A or An: Ignore this word and use the next word instead. Examples: “A World of Keflings” would qualify for the letter W, not the letter A; “The Orange Box” would qualify as O and not T.
  • Non-alphanumeric characters in a game title will be ignored. This means that hyphens, underscores, spaces or any other non-alphanumeric character is simply treated as if they don’t exist. For example, this means that #IDARB is treated as beginning with I for this contest.
  • Numbers: to match a number in a gamertag, the game title must have a number anywhere within the title. For example, an achievement from “FIFA 14” would match any number in a gamertag.
  • The letters E, I, J, O, Q, U, V, X, Y, and Z, and only these letters, may be skipped. Skipping letters in this way grants less entries in the contest as detailed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The name of the achievement does not need to begin with one of the listed letters.
  • The rationale behind skipping A, An and The in game titles: A and T are overrepresented in game titles, and skipping the English common articles gives more access to some of the rarer letters.
  • The rationale behind the number rule is there simply isn’t enough games beginning with numbers to make it viable using the normal rules.
  • The TrueAchievement platform information such as “(Win 8)” do not count as part of the game title.
  • Roman numerals do not count for digits, but do count for I, V, M, D etc where this is applicable.
  • Achievements are achievements: challenge achievements and achievements from Xbox One applications may be used for this contest assuming they qualify in all other respects.

The :frowning2: section

  • Use your main tag.
  • No game saving, profile hacking, or cheating of any form. Basically if it’s not allowed on TrueAchievements, it’s not allowed here.

Anyone caught doing the above may be permanently banned from this contest (and possibly this forum).

Example of how to qualify

Using the gamertag “Zed To Zed” as an example, unlock a single achievement in each of these games:

Z - Zombi
E - Escape From Dead Island
D - Dead Rising
T - Two Worlds
O - Orange Box, The
Z - Zombie Driver HD
E - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The
D - Dying Light

(I realize all of the above games have zombies in them - that is not a prerequisite, I just like Zombies ;)).

I’ve got a $10 US currency code as a prize for this, so get unlocking!

August: Zed To Zed
September: Big Ell & CSGeekSquad
October: Facial La Fleur
November: LordChabelo13
December: Proulx & DeadByLead2
January: RedmptionDenied & mseweryn
February: Mattism & Posty
March: Freamwhole
April: cer3bra1asassin
June: GiantHunger
July: Angelsk & McLovin Legend1
August: zzUrbanSpaceman
September: seamonkeypowder
October: MightyMango
November: ChinDocta & Montana97
December: MiserlyPluto459

January: SaucySlingo
February: Crandy & Spazpol
March: RawkerDude5012
April: Cowboykiller360 & Xpovos
May: MatthewH00
June: Skeptical Mario
July: ElroyOMJ & Mark B
August: Whtthfgg
September: ToadStyleVenom
October: Matrarch & Minpin
November: FuFuCuddilyPoof
December: Hotcurls3088

January: Kingsman 2625
February: NBA Kirkland
March: Kooshmoose
April: Bsmittel & Planting42
May: WildWoodMike

ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: February 2017 - Mattism & Posty
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: March 2017 - Freamwhole
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: April 2017 - cer3bra1asassin
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: May 2017 - MitRialB
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: November 2017 - ChinDocta & Montana97
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: December 2017 - MiserlyPluto459
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: January 2018 - SaucySlingo
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: March 2018 - RawkerDude5012
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: June 2017 - GiantHunger
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: April 2018 - Cowboykiller360 & Xpovos
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: May 2018 - Matthewh00
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: December 2016 - Proulx & DeadByLead2
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: June 2018 - Skeptical Mario
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: July 2018 - ElroyOMJ & Mark B
Gamertag Challenge: October 2016 - Facial La Fleur
Gamertag Challenge: November 2016 - LordChabelo13
ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: January 2017 - RedmptionDenied & mseweryn

Wanted to get this posted for all of you that may need to hop on this LEGO sale for next month. Lots of “L” games.



Cool! My tag is Novermber! Any reason why?


It is your 8 year TAnniversary - you joined us degenerate acheivement hunters in November of 2008


Hmm random question, I only own Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts in Rare Replay. The way I understand it there wasn’t any difference between the 360 and the Rare Replay version, just thinks I own it digitally correct? I just noticed I had a random to do list from that Banjo game and was going to double dip the B for Big Ell. The achievements aren’t showing on TA though have 4 unlocked now, and I’m 99% sure I was online. Anyone have any issues with Rare Replay individual game titles?


It shouldn’t be any different to playing it on 360. Are the achievements showing up on I had some issues with 360 unlocks the other day where I could see it on console with timestamp, but it didn’t show up on properly for some time, nor was it scannable by TA. The only solution was to wait though.


Lies of Leisure Suit Larry Landing it!


I’ve noticed sometimes my x360 achievements don’t sync properly (though not on my X1 - I rarely play back compat games) and I have to repeatedly load the dashboard or open the achievements and browse several games before the data synced. Since the emulator is essentially the same thing - I’d suggest the following:

  • Browse your achievements in the game that is stuck as well as others. Something in the reading of that data has made my stuck achievements push in the past.
  • Close the game and relaunch it. Since there is no dashboard for the x360 emulator, perhaps kickstarting it with a few boots will force it to sync the data.

Just to be sure, are the achievements shown as unlocked inside the emulator? I really hope so.


There is a limited version of the dashboard in the emulator, you can access it by pressing both the Menu and View buttons (Start and Back) at the same time.


I had a similar issue with achievements not unlocking properly last night. I was playing Ducktales through backwards compatibility and unlocked 17/20 and they didn’t show on TA or add to my gamer score. The only way I was able to fix this was to play another game on backwards compatibility (Fallout 3) then when I got an achievement there, they all seem to go through at once


I figured I’d ask before getting involved. Are you only allowed to unlock one achievement from each game that you choose for a letter?


Yes. As an example, you need two “o” games for this month and they must be different games. Not two achievements in the same game.


Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I was asking if I was only allowed to get one achievement in each game that month. For example I used Death God University for D and completed it today, I earned multiple achievements and was only going to use one for the list, like I did, but I was wondering if I should only go for one achievement in each game?


No, you can complete the game for all we care. You only need to submit one achievement.


Just for informational purposes, here are the counts of available titles for each letter as of 4th January 2017:

A: 199
B: 265
C: 220
D: 300
E: 79
F: 194
G: 147
H: 118
I: 60
J: 61
K: 103
L: 122
M: 294
N: 163
O: 56
P: 163
Q: 17
R: 197
S: 390
T: 221
U: 33
V: 48
W: 171
X: 15
Y: 22
Z: 37

Edit: updated - ‘X’ was a bit misleading as it included a lot of “Xbox” test titles.



S: 390
D: 300
M: 294
B: 265
T: 221
C: 220
A: 199
R: 197
F: 194
W: 171
P: 163
N: 163
G: 147
L: 122
H: 118
K: 103
E: 79
J: 61
I: 60
O: 56
V: 48
Z: 37
U: 33
Y: 22
Q: 17
X: 15


I am considering some rule changes based on letter availability and to reduce some verification overhead.


  • I propose dropping the actual substitution part of the substitution rule. By this I mean, for the allowed list of letters, you can simply skip it rather than providing some other arbitrary achievement.


  • The letters Z, U, Y, Q and X are very rare and as such quite difficult. I propose to reduce the penalty for not earning these letters to only a 50% penalty.
    Example: Under current rules, with the gamertag PROULX if you had missed the U and X you would receive only 1 entry rather than 10 entries into the draw, or a 90% penalty. I propose changing this to 5 entries instead, thus a 50% penalty.
  • The letters E, J, I, O and V are rare, but not as rare as the letters above. These can still be missed, but will incur the regular 90% penalty, or just 1 entry into the draw.


So say we all!


The less convoluted the better imo. I’m not opposed to the new rules. I don’t mind making people work for it, but I can understand the desire to get more participation.

Also add challenges to be allowed for the contest. If app achievements are allowed so too can challenges. They track exactly the same. Not allowing them because someone thinks they aren’t achievements is bullocks. They are achievements and arbitrarily denying that fact is a great injustice!

Also new debate idea :slight_smile: