Monthly Gamertag Challenge (META THREAD)


Heh, I probably should have announced it a bit louder, but I allowed challenges months ago! :smiley:


For the game Sid Meiers’s civilization revolution, would this count for a “S” or a “C”? Same with a Tom clancys game, would it count for the “T” or whatever the first letter of the actual game name?


It count as an S. We base the name on whatever TrueAchievements uses, so if they have Sid or Tom as part of the name, then it’s S and T.


Good that helps me out. I thought that’s how it worked, I jus wanted to double check and make sure.


Can you use the same game when the challenge has two gamertags (one per gamertag)? Somehow I thought I read this somewhere but I can’t find it.


Yes… same game is OK for different tags. Must be two different achievements though.


@Freamwhole Could the main message be updated with the changed rules here and below?


Ah good spot. I’ve updated the rules.