Movies and TV Series


Thought I’d start the obligatory topic to discuss movies and TV shows that might be of interest.

This just came to my attention, looks awesome:


The only tv show I watch regularly is impractical jokers. Those guys are some funny dudes. Other than that I really only watch news or sports. No time to watch TV with 248 games on my xbone.


This section had to come sooner or later I watch wayyy to much TV/ movies and keep track of everything and fill it up as I go, rating everything I see with this really neat website.

I’ve only heard GREAT things about this show so I started watching:
Stranger Things

Last show that I’ve just finished great show 9/10 from me.
White Collar


Haven’t had cable in years so nearly all my tv watching goes through netflix and I’m usually a season behind on most shows. Did pick up hbogo for a month to catch up on Game of Thrones so it wouldn’t be completely spoiled for me by the time I got around to it like nearly every other season has.

Finished season one of Fargo and started season 2. It’s decent but fairly slow paced.

Only through season one of Flash, looking forward to catching up more on that.

Ash vs. Evil Dead season one comes out on dvd next week. Looked really good from the trailers.

Also heard a lot of good stuff about Stranger Things. Will have to check that one out at some point.

Hard to catch up on tv and movies when there are so many crap indies to play though. >_>


I’m never very current with shows that are still going and I tend to watch the series’ I love over and over. I’m a big fan of sci-fi shows like Stargate (all of them, though Universe the least), Defiance, and Firefly of course. You know, all the stuff that got canceled.

I’m working on catching up in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and The Blacklist, as well as binge watch many of the Netflix original series. I’m quite looking forward to Luke Cage and the new season of Longmire. I’ve yet to check out Stranger Things.


Mi wife and I got caught up on Flash, so now we are catching up on Green Arrow and after that we will catch up on Legends of Tomorrow


Step brothers is one of my favorite movies and is a must see.
For tv must see is game of thrones, breaking bad, true detective, and oz.


I watch far to much while playing, so you could say hardly watch. Things I’ve personally enjoyed from the last few years are. Justified, Sons of Anarchy, The Borgias. Liking Dark matter and Kill joys currently. An I’m a Avid Australian Master chef watcher, Much better than the UK version we have here.


Hilarious, love Will Ferrell another one as good as Step Brothers has got to be Anchorman.



Dunno if this is just me but no audio from the video @Freamwhole


It’s a GIF - no audio


I see the progress bar was hiding the text so at first no audio no subtitle XD.


I don’t rate a lot of Drama/Romantic movies 10/10 but this one does get it.
Anyone seen it ?
Mr. Nobody


Never heard of that before … and the trailer doesn’t really give me much to work on, but I guess that’s the point. I’ll check it out.

Ex_Machina is awesome if you want some really thought provoking sci-fi in the style of Asimov.


Heard a lot of mixed reviews about Ex_Machina, it’s on the list just not at the top :wink:


Interesting. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. It’s a serious sci fi movie though, not pseudo-sci-fi but actually just an action movie.


Finished Gotham Season 2 and Luke Cage, will be going back to the latest seasons of Mr. Robot and Suits as far as TV shows go. Also hyped for Timeless but I’ll wait till season is done to binge watch.