Music Discovery Game


Hey guys, here’s a simple forum game where you post a song that you think people really need to hear or perhaps a recent discovery that you’d like to share.

There are only a couple of stipulations.

  1. You MUST write a sentence or two about what you like about the song above yours. Even if it’s not a genre you care for, find something good about it. If you’d like to ALSO write what you think is bad about it, feel free.
  2. Don’t post unless you comply with the first rule.


This is a Sea Shanty which if you played Assassins Creed Black Flag you should be familiar with the type of song it represents. I heard this song when my wife was pregnant and felt I wanted to sing my son shaties instead of a lullaby. He still finds comfort whenever he hears this song since I would sing this to him to get him to fall asleep. I feel these songs reach deep into our souls and no matter how good of a singer you are you can easily follow along.


lol and immediately rule #1 is broken. :wink:

“You MUST write a sentence or two about what you like about the song above yours.”


My metal leanings tend toward the slower side (think Carcass) so this speedy song wasn’t going to be something I particularly liked - but this song surprised me when the singer turned out to be a woman! And she’s not ruining her voice/screaming to be heard over the music, actually having some quite delicate parts which contrasts the music well. Not bad. Probably not the type of thing I’d add to my regular playlist, but not bad.

I quite enjoyed the sea shanties in Black Flag too. Again, not something that would make my playlists, but I can appreciate them for the history. I remember learning some of these with my father when I was 10-ish. The fact you use them as a lullaby is awesome! I love that.

Now for my song:


Try this one out for some slower, softer stuff.

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I’m a big fan of trip hop (Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, etc.) and female vocalists in general, so The Bug was a treat. I’ve never heard of them or the apparent guest vocalist. I’ll have to look into them further. Thanks!

One of my favorite songs of all time…


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Oh, nice. Thanks, man.


It wasn’t the “hate-your-mother” music I was expecting. I used to listen to a ton of this type of music when I was in my teens. I won’t say I’ve grown up, because I listen to a bunch of punk music, so here is a sample of some of the punk I listen to.

Alkaline Trio - Radio (there are swear words)


I got turned on to this track as it’s the title theme for a TV show called Marcella. I bought the album it’s off and also checked out some Inga Copeland’s stuff, but I’d say that this song is actually not typical of either of them. Some of the other tracks on Angels & Devils are similar, but there’s also a bunch of guest UK hip-hop style stuff - which I didn’t mind, but I normally don’t like UK hip hip.


Ahhh it all makes sense now!


Alkaline Trio was definitely in one of my playlist at some point in my life. I really don’t think that I grown up from punk since I do listen to it every now and then, just not as much as I used to when I was younger.

I found this gem when I finished Dragon Age Origins and was extremely surprised by it at the time. Only after I heard this song during the credit roll, and I looked it up did I find out that the song was used for the game trailer.


I really like 30 Seconds to Mars’ album This is War and is part of my iTunes library. My personal favourites are This is War, Night of the Hunter (Remix), and Kings & Queens, I should check out some more of their albums. Any recommendations?

Some great song being posted by the way. I’ve just downloaded Alkaline Trio - Radio and The Bug - Fall

Thanks guys

My song


I got a couple great song finds from video games here they are.

  1. Credit song after completing Call Of Duty: Ghosts (which I loved even though the masses didn’t)
    As soon as I heard the song in the credits I let it rolled to see what was the song.
    Eminem - Suvival

  2. The official first trailer of Gears of War. Even though I’m not a Gears fan, this video will always be remembered.
    Gary Jules - Mad World

  3. A game that I will always remember for it’s great music and will keep going back to once I want to listen to great music while playing: Forza Horizon Series. Best by far soundtrack in a game series / game (first one in my opinion) The bass arena station hit the spot for me but all channels had great songs.


This trailer is great makes me want to play the game but am not a fan so I’ll pass… Great song choice.


My favorite Amorphis song has always been My Kantele. Definetly listen to Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars and even some Eminen. The Forza Horizon soundtrack is superb, easily the 2nd best soundtrack in a video game ever (GTA Vice City is #1) I pretty much listen to everthing, except country, norteñas and cumbias.

I once saw a trailer for Battlestar Gallactica (remake) set to this song, Moongate, started listening to Samael ever since. I can’t find the video, but the faster parts of the song were set to dogfights and it matched the tempo of the song so perfectly.


Ohh yeah I forgot about GTA VC I’ll stick with Forza Horizon #1 and GTA:VC#2 very close 2nd.


As we’re just posting random songs we like, here’s one that surprised me:

I really like Nero, but this mix started out fairly ordinary - then it got really good at about 1:10.

It put me on to Porter Robinson, who is worth checking out of you like the style.


I’ll just keeping posting stuff here each day until someone else does. :stuck_out_tongue:


I figured I’d give other people a chance. If no one does after a couple days, then I will add to the thread.