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I mean what can be more game related then a full in-game concert as a reward for finishing a sidequest.
I loved the game but never saw this, only when I was told this was there I had to go do it.
Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds


Mmm I love Blind Guardian and I love Sacred 2 and I love this Easter egg. I literally don’t think there is a better in game treat than this one, for fans of metal at least. This one ranks somewhere in my top ten Blind Guardian songs and Hansi is one of my ten favorite vocalists.

My friend John does a pretty great job at pretending to be Hansi. In fact, one of his bands had Hansi guest on one of their songs. I’ll post that song and another of my favorites from another of his bands.


While metal isn’t my preferred genre of music, I did have a coworker who would blast it at work. It was good background music for while writing code as I didn’t have any interest in the lyrics as I couldn’t understand them. That’s positive, right?

So, totally switching gears here, Rockstar needs to bring back Red Dead Revolver (Redemption is pretty great, but Revolver was a different animal that I crave more of). Here’s the main theme. The whole soundtrack is a great ode to spaghetti westerns IMHO.


That’s definitely spaghetti western style! Not bad; I love soundtracks, but I lean more towards horror themes (think The Ring, Hannibal, Sinister). I’ll need to dig through my favourite soundtracks at some point and showcase some of them.

Anyway, speaking of soundtracks and changing gears completely, ages ago I watched a movie called The Stratosphere Girl and fell in love with the soundtrack. It turned out to be by an experimental jazz musician called Nils Petter Molvær. Here’s a track I like:


OK, that link didn’t work but I was able to get Spotify to eventually let me listen to that song.

Sounds like great music when you need to have something relaxing on. I’m thinking it would be great for racing or something active. The opening instrumental reminds me of Pneuma and NERO.

More of that evil metal that you speak of on the podcast :smiley:


Forza Horizon 3 soundtrack listing is out




It’s been a while, but if you like experimental electronica this might be your bag: