Music while gaming?


Do you listen to music while gaming ?
If so what band/type do you listen to ?
Will you take advantage of the new background music options coming soon ?


Depends on the game, but mostly no. The only times I do is if I’m grinding achievements and it don’t need to listen for any audible cues (like Bejeweled or crap like that). In which case I snap the Youtube app and play either my country or rock playlists.


Country + Rock I like it :slight_smile:


I actually prefer podcasts when grinding. I’ve been on a multiplayer kick lately so I haven’t been listening to anything. I hate being “that guy” who acts as the lobby’s DJ that no one asked for.


Yeah, that’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine too - bad audio spilling through on people’s mics. No, I don’t need to hear you practice your guitar between matches, thanks. :slight_smile:

My musical tastes are pretty varied, but my general go to music choice would be some form of dance/dubstep, such as Xilent, Xcore or Nero, although I’ve also recently listened through the entire Queens of the Stone Age discography while gaming. But that said, I like music from basically every genre, so I’m likely to find something in common with everyone.


Punk and Ska music for me, but alas - I don’t listen while gaming. I did watch Game Of Thrones on my computer while grinding Project Spark - I’m looking forward to podcast listening while gaming although I’m not sure what horrible grind I would do that on. Disney Infinity feat grinding maybe?


I listen to alot of metal. Bands like Oceano, Black Dahlia murder etc. It keeps me energized. If im not feeling music I usually have youtube up on my other monitor.


Mostly listen to podcasts… Can never catch up on all of them :frowning:


I feel your pain. I’m caught up to all the E3 talk in my shows. (June 16th)


Queens of the stone age fan? I love you even more now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve setup a playlist with 600 songs on iTunes for the horrible boosting sessions. When I’m playing it’s just the game or a podcast. Either video game (Zed to Zed, TXR) or Wrestling (Stone Cold, Jericho)


I always listen to Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins just before I play.


I’ll only listen to music during non story driven games or if I am grinding or farming something in a game that I’ve already played through. There’s no predetermined type of music that I listen to based on the game type or anything like that. I listen to a wide range of music styles to begin with, so it could really be almost anything aside from dubstep, country, and most rap. Lots of heavy guitar driven things.

And yes, I will use the background music feature when it is fully implemented. Hopefully Spotify will be one of the app partners.


Actually I was listening to the podcast thru my phone while playing Disney Infinity, you mentioned the Cast app and that it supports background audio, I downloaded it and now I can listen to Zed to Zed on the Xbox! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


QotSA are awesome, easily one of my top 3 go to bands when I just want to put something on I know I’ll like. :slight_smile: (Up there with, oddly, Carcass, and Xilent).

I have a thing with them though where I only really love every second album. Loved their first album (self-titled), Rated R was a bit hit and miss, love Songs for the Deaf (who doesn’t? I also include the off-album track The Fun Machine Took A S… And Died, one of my favourite tracks), found Lullabies to Paralyze hit and miss, Era Vulgaris is awesome (highlight is the title track that wasn’t on the original release of the album ;)) and the latest is good, but I don’t find myself listening to it as much as the earlier stuff.

I still go back to their first album regularly.

Josh Homme is also a legend for this rant at an idiot who was throwing stuff at him at a show:


If I’m listening to anything while gaming, it’s probably a gaming podcast. :grin:

Being one of them.


For me it’s Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers & QotSA. I agree with everything you said.
My favourite song is Song for the Dead. They are amazing. That video of Josh going to town on that guy is great. What’s a bag of dicks?
I assume you’ve listened to Them Crooked Vultures with John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh?


Them Crooked Vultures are awesome! I saw them when they toured Australia too, they were great. I’m still trying to track down a good copy of the off-album track they played (they played it at every show I think).



I can’t wait for the background music to work properly. I can’t get Pandora to work (yes, I’m on the preview) but Groove does. I’d be much happier if I could just stream from my PC… and I’d be happier if I could scobble those plays :smiley:


If I do listen to music, it’s going to be either classic rock or metal. Stuff like Saxon, Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, etc.

But generally I’ll catch up on Youtube videos I’m subscribed to or listen to podcasts. Two I currently enjoy (that are non-gaming related) are Magic the Amateuring and The Command Zone.