My brother just bought an Xbox ONE


So, as the title suggests, my brother just picked up an Xbox ONE - finally upgraded from his 360. I’ve mentioned him on the show before - 2013 Big Buck Hunter World Champion (2016 Runner Up this year).

Anyway - he asked me about what games he should target - so I thought I’d ask the community. Gaming preferences aside - what are your 5 must-have games playable on the Xbox ONE.

I recommended:

Destiny: The Collection - so much to do and amazing mechanics. A true value despite all the criticisms.
INSIDE - My 2016 Game Of The Year - this deserves to be played.
Rayman Legends - Probably the best, most approachable platformer ever.
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor - Just pure fun - and dirt cheap these days
Halo: The Master Chief Collection - so much content.

I look forward to your suggestions.


Forza horizon 3
Life is strange
And since he likes hunting games The Deer God


Stush, you cheeky bastard


They’re all bad.

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty
Rare Replay
Life is Strange
Rayman Legends

I totally forgot Oddworld


Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition - Best platformer evar?
Rise of the Tomb Raider - Excellent adventure gaming.
Rocket League - Because it’s the only sports game I can recommend and it’s great for a few quick plays and getting out… unless you’re @Stushniken.
Titanfall - Still one of the best/most fun shooters, dirt cheap, and it comes with a large Z2Z boosting group.
The Witcher 3 - Buy this and you won’t need any other games for about a year.

Goat Simulator - You can’t appreciate the best without having seen some of the worst.


Assuming he doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on games, and doesn’t need to be current…

Forza Horizon 2 (or 3) as a racer
Rare Replay for the nostalgia… if he was an old school gamer
Titanfall for the shooter fix


I’d like to know what kind of games he likes, otherwise the list will be a bit scattershot. Obviously he’s got some interest in shooting mechanics, because Big Buck Hunter, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a regular FPS.


Cut his teeth on Halo: CE. on the OG Xbox.

He dabbles - doesn’t care for achievements.

Got sucked into League Of Legends for a while. Pretty casual gamer all in all.

That was kind of the idea behind the list - taste in games aside - what should be in everyone’s collection.


Witcher 3
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Titanfall 2
Halo: The Master Chief Collection


In that case:

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. While “Rise of…” is also out, I think it’s better to start with the first one.

I can’t really recommend Titanfall as the online community is limited due to the age of the game, and if he’s a more casual gamer he’s not going to be into boosting achievements, and a lack of campaign mode will probably detract from the enjoyment. I’d recommend Titanfall 2 instead for it’s campaign, which has been getting amazing reviews.

Depending on his interests, I’d select Metal Gear 5: The Phantom Pain or Watch_dogs 2 as a kind of sprawling open world game you can sink a lot of time into. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate might be a good pick here too.

Overwatch and Destiny as go to games for the multiplayer experience. Although I’m a critic of Destiny’s model I certainly can’t fault it for the great experiences I’ve had doing some of the raids with a group, and he’s already got a baked in partner in crime in Freamwhole. Overwatch seems like one of those games that people can jump into and have a lot of fun with, so it seems like a no brainer for a generalised MP experience.

RPGs: Hard pressed to recommend anything other than The Witcher 3, however for a slightly different feel of game you’d probably want to pick up Final Fantasy XV now too. Dragon Age Inquisition too.

Inside and Life is Strange as the obvious indie darlings.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, if that’s his bag.

Forza Horizon 3.

If he likes Star Wars, you might want to consider Star Wars Battlefront.

If he likes anything horror related, Layers of Fear.

You can probably just get away with gifting an EA Access subscription too.

WOW almost forgot: Batman: Return to Arkham collection. He can get Arkham Knight later if he likes those two.


If your brother is looking at just purchasing a few games, I’d have him look at:

  1. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Series - I have put the most hours of my Xbox One into this game. Perfect for any age if children are present, you are fighting cartoon zombies and plants.
  2. Rayman Legends - I agree that it is one of the best platformers on the Xbox One.
  3. Rocket League - Got a few minutes before heading somewhere, quick matches are available.
  4. Forza Horizons 3 - So, so, pretty. If he’s into cars or racing games, then this is the one.
  5. Rare Replay - 30 games, lots of nostalgia
  6. (I know you asked for 5) Tomb Raider - Great game, nothing else needed to be said.

One thing I always tell anyone new to Xbox One is don’t buy 1 game when you can get 38 at once. The EA Access library is huge and has a little bit for everyone. Titanfall, PvZ GW 1 & 2, Dragon Age, Need for Speed, Battlefield games, EA Sports games, and as of tomorrow, Star Wars Battlefront. Seriously for $30 a year, I don’t know why someone (especially new owners) wouldn’t get it.


Hey everyone! The brother here!

Thanks for all the input!

I really don’t have time to game as much as I’d like to these days so when I do I’m usually looking for and RPGs like witcher or skyrim, other than that I dig multiplayer shooters. Was big into Halo and CoD.

Not a huge fan of games like GTA, racing, or sports games.

Basically any multi player shooter or a game with good character/team development. Sim city and xcom are also some classic favorites.

Destiny is for sure on my list. Thinking witcher 3 too.


Ok! For you then I’d select Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fallout 4, Overwatch and Destiny.

Final Fantasy XV is another possible for you too.


Rayman Legends - Definitely agree with everyone on this one.
Trials Fusion - Easily one of my favorite games of all time, with a good learning curve.
Sunset Overdrive - The best Xbox One exclusive so far, so crazy and fun and doesn’t take itself too serious.
Borderlands The Handsome Jack Collection - Plenty of content to keep him playing for a while.
Destiny - A lot of content in the game, especially starting new with 4 dlcs and the base game.


Probably going to cheat a little bit here, but going to go with some common recommendations but a few niche options on top of that depending on what you may be looking for.

Halo: Master Chief Collection - Halo 1-4 and ODST in one convenient package. Only missing Reach.

Life Is Strange - Probably my Game of the Year for 2015. If you enjoy story driven games, can’t do much better. Scenes resonate with me to this day and still get emotional over certain parts. Five total episodes at about 2-4 hours each.

Overwatch - Team based shooter with multiple ways to play. Also different character styles means there’s something for everyone. ‘Best’ part is, unlocks are purely cosmetic so you never have to worry about someone unlocking better equipment than you.

Rayman Legends - Possibly one of the best platformers this generation. Music levels are a blast and includes multiple levels from Rayman Origins. Almost two games in one with the amount of levels. If you beat the single player campaign and want more action, daily and weekly challenges await.

Rare Replay - 30 Games for the price of one. A few clunkers (mainly the ZX Spectrum games), but lots of hits. Only hit it’s missing is Goldeneye, but it has Perfect Dark which is arguably better.

Above list is a general, please everybody type of list. The below are recommended either because of their price of entry or part of a niche genre.

Killer Instinct - If you enjoy 2D fighters, this game is solid. One character rotates weekly for free which gives you a small taste to see if you enjoy the game or not. 24 total characters in all.

Magic Duels - Another freebie with micro transactions. If you’ve ever wanted to try Magic The Gathering, this series is a great learning tool (learned myself from the 2011 game). There are deckbuilding restrictions which may be a turn off for veterans of Magic, but for someone new, it’s a solid start. Be forewarned that addiction may cost you more money than drugs however.

Raiden V - Not many traditional shmups exist on the marketplace, but the Raiden series hits it out of the park with another great addition.

EA Access - Not so much a game as it is a service. Anytime a new game developed by EA is released, you get to play 10 hours for essentially free, but the main selling point is the vault. Generally within 6-12 months, games will hit the vault which means you can play them as long as you’re subscribed to access at no additional cost. While there are a number of sports games, there are others as well. Mass Effect 1-3, all of EA’s shooters (not counting Titanfall 2), and Mirror’s Edge 1&2 to just name a few. $30 a year is a steal, but if you’re not sure if you want to commit that at once, you can try the service for $5 a month as well.


Halo MC collection definitely for the shear quantity of what you get in it
Gears Ultimate collection is another with quantity
Rare replay again just for what you get
Battlefront who doesn’t like star wars
Division yes it was broke when it came out, it’s getting fixed in a good way like destiny get better
Destiny it’s Bungie, enough said