My ISP blocked this site


This is what i got when i tried to log in today. has been blocked by Sky Broadband Shield, which lets you choose the websites that can be seen in your home.

  If this is a website that you 

regularly visit, it may have been blocked temporarily due to a potential
security issue that we’ve identified. In this instance, please try
again later.
If you’d still like to access this site, you can
add it to your allowed list or change your age rating on the settings
page. If you do this, please be aware that Sky Broadband Shield will no
longer be able to protect you from any malicious content the site may
Otherwise you can close this window and continue browsing other websites.

      Change your settings
    The site was blocked because it matched the following categories:
    Phishing and Malware
        Report this site if you think this category is incorrect.
    Sky Broadband Shield doesn't give us access to what you do online so your privacy will be protected.


Now that is really weird and 1st time I see a ISP block a website in particular. May be different in Canada because they couldn’t care less if you get viruses and that would be your anti-virus’ job to do not the ISP.
Really weird.


Reaver Lion reported this to me via TA PM too. Seems Sky Shield has blocked the forum and the main website. I’ve no idea why.

I’ve shot the email address listed there an email to see wtf is going on.


Hi Tarragon
This is the response we have received from our brand protection team.
We raised and with our content list provider Symantec and they have updated the category to Gaming and Streaming Media which is blocked under Online category under the Broadband Shield.
We raised with our content list provider Symantec and they have updated the category to Gaming and Forums & Message Boards which is blocked under Online and Social under the Broadband Shield.
We werer advised did experience malware on 6th September but this was removed on 7th September.
Kind regards

Right, that clears that up. :thinking: :unamused:

Could you let me know if the site is still being blocked?

No idea what the malware they’re referring to was about.


According to Reaver Lion, the block has gone away.


That’s good to hear i got round it by whitelisting the site.