New NinjaKat Gaming Console!


Hi Zed to Zed community!

I thought this might be a good place to introduce a new project of mine - NinjaKat!

I have access to a laser cutting machine and thought I would put it to good use! I am now building small (30cm high) arcade style cabinets that include all the controls powered by a 7" Android tablet. I am currently developing the game(s) to go on them (starting with Android, then hopefully Xbox Creators Program!) but being Android you can do what you want with them really. For example, they are great for arcade emulation with apps like Mame (not that I can advertise that or sell them with these emulators). Check out my site and register your interest to get on my newsletter (which I will send out when I have more news!):

Here’s a pic of my latest build. Being perspex, they will be available in all sorts of colours with choices of button colours also. Would love to get some feedback!

Alex (Grug)