New rare achievement sound


So the new rare achievement sound has just been released and personally I love it, still keeping that great bloop with a bit of extra.
So what do you guys think about it ?


Here’s a in game video of the sound.


I like it, got a slightly mysterious sound to it which I think ties in well with the ‘rare’ aspect.


I like it too… I’m just not sure how I feel about their definition of rare but we’ll see how it shakes out when it gets a general release.


What is there definition of rare, I looked for it and couldn’t find it ?

I like the fact they kept the original bloop with just added extra sounds :slight_smile:


I believe it’s 10% unlock rate or lower. So basically everything in KI or Rare Replay, lol. Like the concept but think it should be more strict than that but obviously they want to cater to all the filthy casuals.


Yeah, I think it’s 10% or lower. Here’s a reddit post that pretty much sums up my thoughts as well.


I like it. You get a sense of accomplishment every time you hear the achievement sound anyway. Getting one of these would be even better.


So this applies to all games going forward? Or will it be implemented retroactivally? If an achievement hits 11% unlock rate, will it lose it’s rare status?


All good questions. I don’t know if we’ll know until they go for general release.


From what I’ve heard, there will be areas on your profile where you can see how many rare achievements you’ve unlocked, so this would be retroactive in the sense that an achievement you’ve unlocked that only 10% of people of less have is considered rare. Not sure what else you could mean by retroactively - I don’t think you can expect to get the rare achievement sound to pop for every rare achievement you’ve ever unlocked in your lifetime. :wink:

Also from the discussions I’ve listened to on Major Nelson’s podcast IIRC, achievements will stop being rare if they fall out of the 10% threshold, and thus your count of overall rare achievements will change over time.


I hate it. I think the sound is way too long, and with how common “rare” achievements are this is going to end up playing on the majority of achievements. I don’t mind having it as an option, but being able to toggle it on and off would be nice. I also wouldn’t mind being able to toggle the new rare animation. :cloud_rain:


I am not surprised … XD


I love it but didn’t hear it yesterday when I popped a rare one.I got the diamond but no sound. Ill reboot today.


Sounds fine. It does seem odd to have a 2nd reverse(?) pop at the end.


I need to hear it in context before I decide if I like it or not. At first I thought it was far too long, but saw it on a video and the sound lasts as long as the notification does, so that made more sense. That said, the video didn’t really wow me, just a bit more flair on the achievement noise and animation. I don’t think it will be distracting (any more than a regular achievement is).


[quote=“Crandy, post:12, topic:246”]
I don’t mind having it as an option, but being able to toggle it on and off would be nice.[/quote]

I agree with you on this one Crandy!


For some reason, my Xbox misses the toasts, I would get an achievement but I wouldn’t know until I checked the list. It would really suck to miss the rare toast.


Try a hard shutdown, this often happens after updates.