Non-Xbox Achievement Lists


I mentioned this in podcast Ep. 84 - “That’s So Freamwhole” so here it is:

Non Xbox Achievement Lists.

This place is to post a completely made up set of achievements for anything not related to Xbox. I initially just considered this old school games like we discussed on the show, but really - it could be fun to come up with achievement lists for non-gaming activities as well.

Get creative - have fun. We appreciate jokes and comedy, but be mindful of vulgarity and poor taste.


Achievement List for:

Going To The DMV

12 achievements for 200 GS

  1. Unscathed (20 GS) - Left the DMV without getting physically assaulted.
  2. Calmer Heads Prevailed (20 GS) - Survived an altercation without yelling or resorting to violence.
  3. Diva (10 GS) - Retook your Driver’s License photo
  4. Eye See What You Did There (5 GS) - Successfully pass the Eye Test
  5. Terrible Idea (5 GS) - Celebrate your new license with a cold beer for the road
  6. Queue-gatory (30 GS) - Wait in a queue of at least 30 people
  7. Dredges Of Society (50 GS) - Engage in conversation with 10 people at the DMV
  8. DMV-splain (20 GS) - Repeat your request to the DMV employee using more simplified instructions
  9. Good As Renew (10 GS) - Renew your Driver’s License
  10. Alt - Tab (10 GS) - Renew your car tabs
  11. Patience Is A Virtue (20 GS) - Wait at the DMV for at least 1 hour before being helped
  12. Better Luck Next Time (0 GS) - Leave the DMV without getting anything done

Est Completion = 8-10 hours (4 visits)
Difficulty Rating = 4 / 10