Personal Milestones


I’m about to hit 123,456 GS and I was going to do it with Mirror’s Edge.

Still Counting

Unfortunately, with Disney Infinity going kaput and probably more importantly, my lack of ability to 3* those time trials I’m moving onto something that’s much more achievable in the 115 GS I still require. Gonna dig into the steaming pile of Action News Heroes to get this instead so that I can wrap up the community/online stuff in Disney Infinity before they go offline.

Who’s Counting

Anyone else like to do personal milestones and end them with a significant last achievement?


For sure! I’ve done a special achievement for all 3 of my 100k milestones:

Six Digits!?! from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (Xbox 360) for my 100k.
Six Digits!?! from Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (PC) for my 200k.
Threelock from Threes! for my 300k.

I plan to use Left 100,004 Dead from Dead Rising 3 for my 400k, but that will depend on the achievements in Dead Rising 4. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a particular achievement in mind for it, but I want to hit π (314,159).

@Freamwhole, @Crandy and I also discussed doing a stream of Smoke & Mirrors from Roundabout to bring up my 333,333. We’ll see how that goes. :slight_smile:


I did “Cowboy Up” out of frustration when my original plan for 100,000 fell apart. I had thoughts about it always being cowboy themed, but decided for a different one on my 200,000. I might return to the idea moving forward, but my bigger concern is hitting them right on the nose.


I hit my 100,000 with, to be continued… from Lego the hobbit. That felt fairly fitting. Had been hitting every 10k on the nose up to 100k not been worried since then. Probably do something for 200k when I eventually get there!


Hit 123,456 during my lunch break. Now time to focus on Disney Infinity and then back to cleaning up some of the mess I’ve made. I think I’m just going to count off by multiples of 50k from here on out unless someone comes up with a fun idea/challenge.


I hit 100k with “A Monument To All Your Sins” in Halo Reach, but aside from that, I haven’t used any fitting achievements for other milestones. Instead, I try to line up a game completion with each milestone. 200k was the completion of Binary Domain, and 300k was Halo 4 (using that solo legendary achievement as well).

Now to decide what I want to do for 400k. Maybe Halo 5?


I did Make It Count - Worms Battlegrounds for my 123,456 GS achievement - that was June 14th

I did The Easy One - Gunworld for my 100,000 GS - that was Oct 25th, 2015 which got me from 99,999 GS up to 100K.