Podcast Review 8/17/16 by Big Ell


I finally got a chance to read the bios of Fream and Tarragon.

Fream, I never knew that your name came from Beavis and Butthead. I LOVE Beavis and Butthead! As a matter of fact, last night Matrarch’s brother told me Angry Video Game Nerd came out with a new video for Beavis and Butthead games. Here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atZ9-MxVPNM

This made me actually pull out my Genesis, but I couldn’t get it work on my HDTV. :frowning: I found the rom and threw it on my Ouya, had Matrarch open a faq, and banged out the game in a couple of hours. Being able to save state on the emulator meant I was finally able to beat that game!

Tarragon, I never knew you were such a feminist! Shouldn’t your gamertag be zzUrbanspaceperson then? I mean, women can go into urban space too you know! Sexist pig!

7FaveGames is a good idea in theory, but I agree with Crandy that’s it’s impossible to just pick 7. I also agree with Fream that it’s hard to narrow it down when you can’t even remember great games from your childhood.

1:30-2:00 in the podcast was All About Crandy. Longest half hour of my life. New things I learned about Crandy… He likes Dead Rising…Crystal Pepsi…completions…uhhhhhh. nope. nothing new.

New things I learned about Randy - 0
Things I learned about CSGeekSquad in 3 and a half hours - 1 (he doesn’t sleep)

As far as the ZedtoZed contest went, Jo (angelsk) beat me fair and square. No excuses. I still don’t have the game (Bastion) completed. I am definitely up for a rematch though. Maybe a longer game. November maybe after Wolfy games (Sept) and Gears 4 (Oct) lose their luster?

Best laugh of the episode goes to Fream for his -“next week we discuss Crandy’s diabetes” joke.

Zombie thing? Thing on my right is my…mouse. So I can use my computer. Right now. That would save my life in a crisis for sure!

Closing rant. Final Fantasy XV. I can’t believe they are up to that many. My
real Fave 7 would probably be boring and include FF 1, 4, and 6. And Earthbound and Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger and Zelda Link to the Past. So yeah, probably 7 NES/SNES RPGs.

I’m surprised that Tarragon never went back to the NES and SNES classics (FF 1-6) after loving the PS1 and PS2 FFs.
Day 1 patch? Whatever. Doesn’t bother me. I did like the demo though, but it reminded me of Kingdom Hearts, not Final Fantasy (I think Jo said that too a few months back)

I got FFXIII at launch, played the hell out of it for 2 or 3 days…then not since. Sigh.

Ooh. No outtakes last week, so 10 minutes worth this time?!?!?!?!!? YAY! I kinda want to hunt down a Crystal Pepsi now, and that bothers me. Next time include these in the main show and delete 10 minutes of Damien. Or Crandy. Team Dandy.

PS - Outback Steakhouse is amazing. Yes, I said it.

Thankfully Crandy doesn’t use the forums so he’ll never read this.


Nicely done. Thought it would be more scathing, but quite humorous.


I did read this. Get a Crystal Pepsi.


[quote=“BigEll, post:1, topic:164”]
Tarragon, I never knew you were such a feminist! Shouldn’t your gamertag be zzUrbanspaceperson then? I mean, women can go into urban space too you know! Sexist pig![/quote]

You’re joking of course, but in case anyone doesn’t understand the distinction:

Referring to myself as a “spaceman” is just fine, because it’s a factual reference to my gender. The actual issue occurs when you refer to an entire occupation using a gendered term, e.g. if I referred to the astronauts on the International Space Station as “spacemen” - this is not ideal, notwithstanding the fact that there are female astronauts in orbit right now, but the implication is that only men are astronauts.

That all said - this is one of the more subtle points of feminism (and like all movements and philosophies, not everyone who calls themselves a feminist agree), and there are definitely bigger battles to win. In this humble, sexist pig’s, opinion.


Lots of goodness in this episode. But what stood out was Crady’s dead mall story. For an instant I actually thought the guard physically sucker punched you. Lol. Good one.
It occurred to me that this guard is so bored perhaps he does this all the time.
Funny story.


I find myself often siding with the security guard when Crandy speaks - “Don’t Care” :laughing:


finally found some of that crystal pespi…yikes 69 grams of sugar in a 20 oz bottle :expressionless:


It’s only diabetes. Crystal Pepsi is pretty good.