Podcast Review 8/24/16 by Big Ell


Sorry for the late review. I was away last week and just finished the show yesterday. I enjoyed it very much.

I guess I’ll streamline the review a bit and give random thoughts.

Whoa, mentioning my gamertag right off, as part of the September Gamertag contest? Awesome! 7 year TAnniversary eh? Wow.

Lots of soda talk to start. I used to love Surge. I haven’t seen it since they brought it back. Fun convo. I’ve never had Jolt cola before. I don’t feel like I missed out.

Awesome that you mentioned my reviews. I haven’t received much feedback, but I hope people are reading them.

Angry Birds Movie - Saw it in the theater with both my 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl, as well as my wife. The movie was made up entirely of potty jokes. It was amazing. There was laughter the entire time from all of us, as well as a couple of “how did they get away with saying that?” moments. “I need some angry flocking birds!” was a good one. It all went over the heads of the children, so it was ultimately harmless.

Leap Frog thoughts - I was pulling for K4rn4ge, but then there was some drama about using achievements early before they were available to everyone else. I’m glad it’s over.

I’m also in the camp who would love to play the Mass Effect trilogy but too intimidated by the time involved. One day, hopefully. I believe this was mentioned on the podcast I was on. coughcheapplug

Backwards Compatibility - I love it. Very much. Especially because of game sharing. I’m ashamed to admit it but I hit F5 on Major Nelson’s BC site daily.

As far as the interview went, it was far too positive for my liking. Crandy should have been involved too. Oh wait, then the interview would be about himself and there would be twenty mentions of lie engine. Nevermind. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I completely agreed with Fream on was the whole daydreaming at work about playing and no time to play stuff. You are probably preaching to many choirs with all that.

So anyway, David Paskett seemed like a cool guy. Not sure if I’ll check out his podcast though, because he’s a big loser with only 25k GS. :slight_smile:

Outtakes - Amazing, amazing outtakes. The thought of Brandon’s wife calling him “Fream”, especially when that is presumably her last name as well, was an amazing thought. “FREAM!!! You left your controller on the floor and I stepped on it again!” “Goddammit FREAM!!! You played Destiny until 3AM again and didn’t throw out the garbage!” Thanks for that, Damien.

So uh, Crandy. Have any landmarks within 50 miles of your house?

PS. Random thought. If a man and a woman meet playing Destiny, and they hook up, and they wind up conceiving, would that baby be called Destiny’s Child?


Probably, but we wouldn’t find out for 2 years because it would be a PS exclusive.


Glad you liked them, I had you in mind when I put them together (and this show had a lot of good material from everyone). :slight_smile:


Love this - thanks Big Ell - these are great reads.


I enjoy writing them. Thanks for reading.