Prominence Poker for Tomorrow


Should be a quick session… Knocking out 4 achievements pretty easily.


I’m interested, but I think I need it to start an hour later.


@spankyNspronkle I commented on TA, but I got confused by the start times as there was another session starting 2 hours later that is a no-brainer for my time slot (I didn’t sign up for it, just got mentally stuck on their start time). I’ll try to make the original start time but I don’t want to hold up any slots.


Don’t forget the off suite 2 and 7 win, also a win with black ace and 8 as hole cards, and all in without looking at hole cards. First 2 random so everybody might not get them but the all in without looking should be in your list to get.


Those two I don’t intend to go for this session since they take a long time and can be done in other environments. It’s much easier to boost those in a H2H game so only two people are working on them. In theory, you can complete the entire session (all 6 participants) in less than 50 hands. It may take more than 50 hands for a single player to get 7-2 off or A-8 suited.

I also don’t like making sessions with too many conflicting achievements… other wise you get the one guy saying, “I only joined to get the 7-2 off and want to do that for my turn”. Next thing you know, we are playing for 2 hours waiting for a single person to get a particular hand.


If you both can definitely join, I’ll make it 2 hours later for the start time.


Gotcha. Was just looking at that list last night and those are the ones that stuck out to me. Wasnt thinking you should go for them but if somebody gets those hands let them win maybe. Should be able to get through the other ones pretty quick. Wish I could join you guys but I will be driving to crappy Buffalo.


In that case - I’m in. Thanks.


I’ll be there as well.


Needed to bump you to change the session time. Feel free to re-apply.