Question for the podcast or everyone about the free ad-games


Ben-Hur and NBA 2K17: The Prelude.

Do you think any of the achievements will become unobtainable at some point? Or not, assuming you have downloaded them, of course. I guess the question may be if any of it is server based. I haven’t played them yet, but it seems perhaps 2K17 could become unplayable any time.

I like to save quick games for a rainy day, but may be best to play them now to be safe.


I was wondering the same thing for 2k17. Not got ben-hur as it was not released in UK.


Change you’re region to US then you will be able to download Ben-Hur.


I don’t know but they are both pretty quick so better safe than sorry. A nice tip for Ben Hur that I don’t hear often enough is that you don’t need to hammer on the speed up button. If you try to go fast, there is a runner-band effect where they also go faster. I had much more success only speeding up to position myself slightly ahead of the chariot I was trying to wreck. It’s really important on the first race where you only have 2 laps to kill 5 chariots.


I tend to think that they will be unavailable in a relatively short period of time - so of course, download them.

As for earning achievements - because of the nature of the titles - I would think if something happened to the games - they would be pretty far down the list to get fixed (if at all).

I’d error on the safe side and clear them out now.


Thanks for the advice will give it a try. Good result on Sunday! COYS


Now the “proud” owner of a shiny new copy of Ben-Hur thanks to @Buckmarley155 advice on region change. Was thinking about downloading lies of astaroth, anyone got an opinion as to if its any good\massively long completion? Also if I change region can I still buy games as normal with debit card? A few US exclusives I’m interested in. Thanks in advance and sorry for being such a noob with this stuff!


In answer to the original question: in my opinion, Ben Hur will never have any achievement issues because there is zero reliance on a server (beyond the regular Xbox achievement services of course).

NBA Prelude may have one achievement discontinued at some point as it’s a shop related one associated with (presumably) an online profile. That said - the workaround for the “can only play the game once” issue is to actually play the game offline, and if the shop achievement can be triggered while in offline mode, then I’d be comfortable saying that no achievement in the game will be discontinued. Can anyone confirm this?

You may or may not be able to use the same card for US currency transactions - at the very least you will probably need to enter your CC details again as a US currency source, and in my experience this only seems to work for certain locations (i.e. I can’t do this in Australia, but I’ve heard of others in the UK for example having no problems).

At worst you can purchase a US currency code via Amazon or similar and use that to get currency you need. I personally use a separate account for US transactions, but I’ve heard of others using their main account, so it’s up to you.


Thanks for the advice Tarragon, will look into those options. Got to say, finding the zed to zed community are always incredibly helpful. Hopefully that will only get better as the community grows!


Yes, if there is a server aspect then I’d expect the servers to be offline once the game is no longer available.

Especially in the case of a game like Prelude where ‘2017’ is in the title. I’d get these and play them early while you can.


What was the most time you spent chasing one achievement?


I actually enjoy it, but there are bugged consecutive log-in achievements as well as a long grind to get gold, levels, and cards. If you aren’t a completionist, you can still get 40-50% of the GS in a few weeks. The developer is very responsive and I’ve seen several updates to fix the UI/gameplay. While it looks like people are now getting the login achievements, I have yet to see a new one pop. I play it in the morning running through 4-5 towers and then again in the evening to clean up the 2-3 towers remaining after my energy recharges. Takes about 10 minutes daily.


Thanks for that, may give it a go after I’m out of uhh and got a lot more fh3 under my belt! Sounds like a good daily and seems like my sort of game. :+1:


I’m with Tarragon on Ben-Hur. There is really nothing server-based there, so it should be safe for the foreseeable future. NBA on the other hand, I imagine there is at least something there that relies on a server., but if all of the achievements are obtainable via the workaround, it should work after the servers close. I just generally don’t trust that game, or 2k sports for that matter, so I would get it does ASAP.

I would give both games less than six months on the marketplace though, so definitely get them in your purchase history sooner than later.