Questions for the show:


Are you just dying to get your name on the show - or perhaps you’ve got some burning question you need answered? Well, here is one great place to start.


Which do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? Aside from Crystal Pepsi that is.


Does that really even count as Pepsi at this point?

No Color! No Thanks!


Gidday fellas! Thanks for a great show.

Would love to hear more Windows 10 content. I now have a decent PC and have been scooping up Games for Windows Live games where I can (seem to be getting hard to find new copies with unused codes). Looking forward to seeing ‘Play Anywhere’ titles.

Do you know if we’ll see more non-MS platform games (eg Android) soon?

I made the mistake of assuming FIFA10 had no discontinued achievements when seeing TA showed none. How do you all check if there are ‘really’ discontinued’s before starting a game like this?


I know it was discussed briefly in the most recent episode, but with the impending Disney Infinity shutdown, I think it’d be helpful to have an emergency guide devoted to the achievements we need to tackle immediately. I’ve been storing up DI starter kits and characters as they go on sale but it seems like it’s time to break the seals and knock out the community and multi-player achievements before the end of the month.

I’ve bookmarked and fully intend to go back to it in order to figure out the cheapest path to completion. Maybe someone has already done the research and could share their roadmap to knocking out the achievements most likely to become unobtainable as well?


Everything above here is planned for Ep. 35


Ok we covered soda. Now for French Fries/chips style you lIke best. For example of styles: waffle cut, shoe string, steak fries, curly fries, wedge fries or any thing I missed. Also we could go into dippings like ketchup, mayo, etc. I’m a purist and usually don’t do dipping for fries except when I have a Wendy’s frosty and dip my fries in the chocolate frostie. If you haven’t done it trust me you won’t regret it. Salty and sweet heaven.


how disappointing that you don’t get saucy with your fries! haha


The only time I dip fries is with Whataburger’s country gravy. I sometime like seasoning on fries, like Red Robin’s or Hopdoddy’s parsley fries. Tater tots are also good, as are waffle fries and curly fries. Just don’t talk to me about sweet potato fries, they aren’t worthy of calling themselves fries.


If you could have any actor to voice over a character for your favorite game, who would voice over which character from which game ?


I save all my sauces for my burgers.


Me and my brother made the mistake of asking Chick-Fil-a for ‘one of each dipping sauces’. It turns out they have about 45 different sauces and spreads. Now I prefer Polynesian sauce with my sandwiches.


I’m mostly a honey mustard or a buffalo or maybe a buffaque guy when it comes to chicken. If its really spicy buffalo you have to go blue cheese to help put the fire out. Things can get hairy if you do too much sauce.


i like waffle fries and Ranch sauce makes everything better !!