Quick Gamerscore Tips Thread


We received some feedback via our contact email that made me realise we don’t have a thread that just talks about where to get quick gamerscore and any new quick gamerscore games out there - SO I MADE THIS ONE. :smile_cat:

This will be a place to discuss new games that come out in relation to their gamerscore yield, and any other tips and sources of info relating to quick GS out there.

It’d be remiss of me to not mention Maka’s ongoing guides on the matter:

Maka’s 20 easiest GS games of 2015
Maka’s List of easiest GS of 2016 (ongoing)

Other resources mentioned in this thread:

New Quick & Easy 1000 (or close to) Thread on xboxachievements.com
How Long to Beat website for completion time estimates


Xboxachievements also has a good list.


I know because I used to maintain the list. :wink:


I also use this site for time completion estimates http://howlongtobeat.com/


If there’s no time on TA I check the same.


Nice resources, I’ve added those to the OP.


I used to use Mango’s at XBA, but lately I have been using TA…

Go [here] (http://www.trueachievements.com/games.aspx#) and put in these filters:

Platform: All … or adjust if you don’t own a device
Release Status: Listed Only
Title Type: Games Only
Played Status: Games I’ve Not Played

Then, click on completion time to filter from quickest to longest. Unfortunately, there is no region filter so you’ll likely see a ton of NTSC-J games on the first page. However, there are also a ton of ID@Xbox. Depending on how much you’ve played thus far, you can go 3+ pages before you hit something that takes longer than 8 hours to complete.


For arcade games.
For Windows phone.
For win 8.