Random To Do List (RTDL) Suggestions Thread


At @NBAKirkland’s prompting, I’ve created this thread to discuss the future of the Random To Do List and ideas to improve it or mix it up. Go!


I don’t think this has been implemented yet, but the ability or option to only select achievements from started games would be swell.


This is something I’d really like to have, but does require API changes, which thus requires some development time from the guys at TA. It’s high on my “want to have” list though, along with the ability to optionally select from DLC.


+1 on wanting to have the option of selecting from DLC.


For reference, here are some proposed changes for the RTDL we’ve been kicking around:

  • The long-form competition to move to a 3 month “seasonal” format instead of the current yearly format.
  • Minimum pool size to be increased to 1,000 available achievements.
  • The top bracket for achievement selection to be widened to the top 10% of the pool (up from the top 5%). The bracket down from this to be narrowed to accomodate (top 10-25% of pool, down from from top 5-25% of pool).
  • A maximum draw value of 7,000 points to be enforced. This means that if we cannot draw a list for you below this value (after a set number of attempts) you will not get a list until you update your pool.
  • A full list reroll on request for draws that are under 4,500 points.
  • Assuming I can get the ears of the devs at TrueAchievements:
    • Option to select only from started games.
    • Option to include all DLC within your pool.


Regarding the bracket changes, here’s the current brackets:

{count: 12, min: 50, max: 100},
{count: 9,  min: 25, max: 50},
{count: 3,  min: 5, max: 25},
{count: 1,  min: 0,  max: 5}

Under the current proposal this would change to:

{count: 12, min: 50, max: 100},
{count: 9,  min: 25, max: 50},
{count: 3,  min: 10, max: 25},
{count: 1,  min: 0,  max: 10}


How would that work with someone that has a pool the size of mine? I don’t edit it as I like to see what may come up on my list (yes I know I barely get any) so would it just do a random 7,000 number out of my larger available pool?

And I agree that DLC should be added if they can get the API to work.


Just throwing this out there: if we move to a seasonal format, we’d want to line up the seasons to the yearly quarters. This means that the first season would actually start this October, and we’d have a month free.

So, I’m proposing a special event for September:

The Lightning Round :cloud_lightning:

50 achievements, all drawn from the bottom 50% of your pool (so, the easiest ones).

Full details to be hammered out, subject to change, may not even happen, standard disclaimers apply, do not use to control nuclear power stations, your mileage may vary.


Copying from my post on Fream’s Discord:

I like the idea of a monthly RTDL with a meta contest over top. I don’t much care if its 4 a year or 1. I still think the system needs to be weighed based on available achievements at the time of the scan.

But I’m sure that will take some noodling to make it fair for people with modest game collections who just don’t have the resources to buy a ton of games that they never play.

How about an arbitrary, you can’t take more than X% of the games off your list to be in the running for prizes.

Everybody still gets to play, but the reward gets limited to those who aren’t gaming the system too much.

Or you get rewarded for the number of games you leave on your tag (risk v reward) and scores are weighted based on number of available games.

All hypo of course. Who knows what those formulas should be.


I think the seasonal format is a great idea. Love the RTDL as it makes you revisit forgotten games and makes you clean out the old backlog. Would be nice to implement some form of elements to somewhat discourage preloading to keep the contest on a more even playing field. How does it work if two people finish all 25 for the month? Person with most points wins?


Points are the only factor considered for the leaderboard. Number of achievements count for the monthly draws, but that’s all.


This would be difficult to apply, and would severely impact people with smaller collections, and I don’t think it would actually achieve the desired result - assuming the desired result is to limit how much people can reduce the “randomness” of their selection.

I think the pool size change is going to have the largest impact on the perceived lack of randomness, and I’d rather play with the simpler knobs and dials we currently have than start implementing more complicated calculation that may not have the desired outcome anyway.


I think I’d prefer 3 month competitions to be honest. Participating in the year long event, I’ve felt pressure to compete all year long, but if the contest was shorter, I could compete when I want and skip a season or two if I felt the need for a break without any repercussions.

For the max draw of 7k points, I presume it’d still be ok for your pool to go over that limit midway through the month (such as a high ratio achievement going higher due to GWG or something).


Yes, the max would only be enforced when the achievements are drawn.


The option to include DLC would be nice. Would Title Updates still be out?


TU are already included.


Are you sure? They were removed (ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge). The rules also say no TU.


I’d totally forgotten that! I guess they are not included then. :wink:

If we brought in DLC I’d bring in TU with them then.

Edit: or maybe not - TU are extremely overinflated and may lead to imbalance in the lists, which would be why they were excluded in the first place. I’ll need to think on it.


Yeah, TU might be inflated even after a month. That’s might concern with DLC too, but I haven’t looked into it much and the ratio calc is different and it might be fine.


The DLC calculation is much more balanced than TU, but can still be high, but I don’t think it will be competition-breakingly high. Pity about TUs though, I’m just not sure we can really work with them in hindsight.