Random To Do List (RTDL) Suggestions Thread


Oh yeah, Kirky, I found that a couple months ago but keep forgetting about it. There’s still a lot of names to scroll through.

T, thanks for the consideration, it’s obviously not a big deal but something that would be nice.

Another thing. If you wanted to put your list in alphabetical order and go to A - Z, it shows you the list alphabetized for like 2 seconds before crashing. Is it meant to do that?


It shouldn’t crash, but it also shouldn’t allow you to do that. Your lists are actually imported from another spreadsheet and sorted on the way in, so attempting to modify that behaviour should just be ignored due to the nature of how the sheets are populated.

Under the current system if you want to manipulate your list like that you’d be better off adding them to your todo list on TA, or alternatively you can create a new Google spreadsheet and copy the data there.

I may be able to do some magic with the new lists to allow people to sort list how they want, but that won’t make the first cut.


Any thoughts on if we will see DLC added come the first of 2018? Or any other changes?
This is actually a factor in whether or not I blast through some DLC now or later.


No news on that front at this time. Any changes like that require work from TA, and they’ve been super busy. I’ll try to ping them again tonight to see what can be done.


On the monthly leaderboard, wouldn’t it make more sense for the pool size shown to be the pool size at the time of the draw?
And how about showing the average point value (TA ratio * 100) of all the achievements in a person’s pool beside the pool #?


The intent was that people had a quick reference to make sure they had enough in their pool for the next round…

I have no way of working that value out. Unless you meant the person’s draw not their pool?


That makes sense. It gives the impression this is their pool size for this month, but no biggie either way.

I meant pool. But if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. So you just query TA for, say, 1 top 10% achievement for player x, and you never get the entire pool and work that our yourself? That would certainly be easier.


I do show the pool size at draw time on each individual’s sheet. It could certainly be added to the main leaderboard, but I think that would make the leaderboard too busy. It’s already got enough going on as it is, but that’s just my opinion. If people think it would be valuable, I’ll add it.

Correct. I pass in a set of ranges and the number of achievements I want, and it spits out the lists you see. I never get to see the entirety of someone’s pool.


TOTAL PITA suggestion… it’d be really helpful to have an additional column that lists other RTDL’ers that have an achievement in the same game. Bonus if you bold their name if they have the exact same cheevo.


It’s been suggested before, or something similar. It’s a little tricky to do though, at least within the confines of the spreadsheet (comparing across a variable number of named sheets, etc).

That said I could probably do it fairly easily with the offline processing I already do. Let me :thinking: :thought_balloon:


I might have suggested this before from the Achievement Hounds or something, but one idea I’ve always thought of is having the RTDL accumulate. So, for example, you get your list of 25. You might get 15 during the month. The next month you get another 25 added to the 10 you still have left over, meaning your total possible for the month goes to 35. Let’s say you get 20 this month, then next month you get 25 added. Your pool grows to 40, and so on.
The main benefit of this is that you may start accumulating several from the same game that you don’t want to touch. Or that END OF GAME achievement that you couldn’t get still remains on your list. Maybe you get others from the same game to encourage you to keep playing it.
If you want me to empasize anything else just let me know. __________


I actually really like this idea. It would significantly shake up the competition too if you were still able to go back and unlock achievements from every month of the season; it would mean that if you had an off month you could still catch up and win outright.

I’ll discuss it with @Freamwhole. We could look at doing this for the Trimester 2 season.


Sounds like a good variation which avoids the need to have huge pool sizes. Maybe some kind of penalty for unlocking them in later months should apply to avoid preloading for the end of trimester - maybe 100% points for 1st month, 75% for 2nd, 50% for 3rd, 33% for 4th month.


I was actually having a think about this last week - I’m not sure we’re going to be able to do it.

Worst case it means we are making 4 times as many checks for every person in the contest, and as checks already take about 15 minutes at full tilt (fresh month with nobody having anything unlocked) we’re going to be running at the borderline of the hourly checks - unless I introduce threading.

The other side of this is that I’m hammering TA’s API to do this (already), and I don’t want to get in trouble with them.

If this is going to work I’m going to need a better, faster API from TA I think. Currently I need to query each achievement one by one; I’d prefer to be able to send batches, but that will require TA to get involved.


Couldn’t you scrape the ‘Only Usertag’ front page friend feed of TA for each user in the competition more frequently (96 hits at the moment), then do a full scan less frequently to catch any missed achievements? The front page seems to hold a few days or so for even prolific achivement hunters.


The header of the that page is also advertising an rss feed which doesn’t seem to be working atm -


If that could be fixed it would be perfect :slight_smile:


The only scraping I do currently is a once daily scrape of every achievement to update the ratios.

We have a specialised API call where I can pass in a gamertag and an achievement id, and the response is just a simple “yes/no”.

The scans will naturally get quicker as the month progresses because there’s no need to query the API for achievements we already know are unlocked.

However, the API only accepts one achievement at a time, per query, which is what makes it slow. If I could pass in multiple achievements this would speed things up considerably, but again, it would need a change at TA’s end.

I don’t think we’d gain much in the way of performance by hitting everyone’s gamer page and parsing the HTML, actually I think it would perform worse ultimately. Hitting gamer’s pages on TA is also a lot heavier on TA than the simple API call I hit, so if I started hammering them it’s more likely to actually impact TA (not that this is a huge concern, they have big servers).


I see what you’re saying. Would the RSS XML be better if it was working, this would avoid all the other information being written to HTML?

Or maybe decrease scan frequency or pause after each api call. We don’t really need hourly updates (it is nice tho!)

Competition is still great as it is, but this rollover idea has a certain appeal!


How about this idea:

  • Reduce number of achievements to 20 (similar ratio spread)\
  • Initial draw on the 1st day of the 1st month of the trimester only
  • When one is obtained, redraw a new one in the same ratio bracket
  • Keep the achievements rolling until the end of the trimester
  • Winner is the person with the biggest score
  • Rerolls stop if you full below pool size minimum

This is what I see as the pros/cons -


  • People can work on the grindy ones over the trimester
  • Big earners can maximise their score independent of their initial draw max
  • Strategy in blasting through tons of low ratio or fewer high ratio achievements
  • Keeps new achievements coming in
  • 20 instead of 25 achievements will work about about the same number of API calls per month as a lot of people seem to only unlock 10 or so over a month


  • No excitement of a fresh list until the start of a new trimester
  • Constant amount of API calls per update cycle
  • No feeling of working through your list as it will be always full


Tatey brought up a suggestion to bring the RTDL more to its roots of being random with less curation - which got me thinking if people would be interested in a separate “Super RTDL” where the minimum achievement requirement would be like 5000 or 7500 - ultimately it would pull from the current Games Collection and maybe add another designation like “Rented” to pull the other achievements to bring your list higher.

I’m quite liking the curated RTDL I have, but I could see the appeal of the Proulx style Anti-Curator camp.