Rocket League Tournament Rules and Teams

Welcome to the Zed to Zed Rocket League Tournament!

Here are the rules and how things will happen.

We have 24 people signed up, so we’ll be running a 3 v. 3 tournament with 8 teams. We know there was some concern with scheduling, so once the teams are decided and bracketed, we’ll come up with a time that best works for the 6 individuals playing in each match up. We will do our best to make sure the game is streamed over a service such as Mixer so others can cheer the players on and so that scoring is kept as transparent as possible.

Team draw:
On 10/17, Stushniken and Matrarch will conduct a random partnering for teams that will be announced via Freamwhole’s discord and over the Zed to Zed Forums (teams will be posted below this post). At that point, we encourage the teams to get to know each other and start practicing. We will bracket the 8 teams into four 3 v. 3 matchups. Seeding will be determined at random. Once we do that, we’ll work with the teams to settle on the best times for your matches. One week will be allotted to complete round one matches

Tournament Round one:
During the week of November 1st-7th, the four first round matches will take place. Matches will be best of 5 in standard 3 v. 3. Each match will have a five minute timer, though the length of each match will vary based on a variety of factors. There will be no mercy rule, so if Saucy decides to crash our main event stage, he will have to accept the full-five-minutes’ worth of goals scored against him. Please make sure to allow an hour for your first round tournament match (though they are unlikely to be that long)

Tournament Round two
The victorious team in each match up will advance to the next round, which will take place on the week of November 8th-14th. The matches will follow the same format as round one. Seeding will be determined on total goals scored in each team’s first round match up. In the event of a tie, the team that needed the fewest rounds to win their week one match-up will get the higher seed. If that also results in a tie, tournament organizers will decide the seeding order by using a randomizer. Please make sure to allow an hour for your second round tournament match (though they are unlikely to be that long)

Tournament Final:
For the final round, the tournament will move to a best-of-7 format with all other rules remaining the same. Ideally, we’d like for this round to take place before the zed to zed episode that records that Friday so that the hosts can talk about the results. If that is not plausible, however, we will do it at time that is best for the participants. As this round is a best of seven, it may take longer than matches in the first two rounds so please plan accordingly. At the end of this match, the Zed to Zed Rocket League tournament champion will be crowned.

Rules regarding disconnects and team attendance.

  • Though it is not required to meet with your team before hand, it is strongly encouraged.
  • A five minute grace will be given at the start of the game for all team members to arrive.
  • The team that shows up is the team that plays – If only two members of a team arrive at the settled time for that game, only two members of that team will play. If only one shows up, they can choose to play three-on-one.
  • A late team member may join when the next game starts, but may not drop in mid-game.
  • Teams may forfeit if they choose.
  • In the event of a disconnect, the game will continue. The disconnected team member is permitted to try to rejoin the game in progress. Once the game where the disconnect happens concludes, the disconnected player will be given a five minute window to reconnect. If they cannot re-connect, the match will proceed 3 on 2.

Will the winner get a prize?
Yup. Prizes will be given to members of the victorious team.

Other notes:
The typical deal applies here. Have fun, be respectful. There’s a difference between playful trash talking and legitimately trying to belittle your opponents. We’re all allegedly adults and know where that line is, so stay on the right side of it. Turn off the part of you that gets offended easily. Ell signed up for the tournament and as such gets a spot. You can’t quit if he’s on your team – them’s the breaks.

Good luck and thanks for participating!

And here are the teams

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

Team 8

If anyone comes up with a team name, let us know and we’ll edit this post. As mentioned on Discord, the First round match ups will be Team 1 v. Team 8, Team 2 v. Team 7, Team 3 v. Team 6, and Team 4 v. Team 5. First round matchups will be scheduled some time between 11/1 and 11/7 so please get together with your teams and respond to this thread or contact Stushniken (Stu on Discord) or Matrarch with your availability

Good luck everyone!

(For those curious, I can only tag 10 people in a post, so I only tagged those not in Fream’s discord. If one of those people is you, why not join us? Hit this link to join Fream’s server!)

Host battle to start the proceedings - going down @Proulx!

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Looks like we have a round 1 bye week. Can’t wait to see who we play in the second round

I tried to get into discord, but it wouldn’t let me claim the account because it said my email was already used. Who can I talk about that? Maybe I just messed something up. :slight_smile:

Until then… I’m usually available most evenings, which for me is between 6pm - 11pm weeknights. Weekends are more open, but to commit to something those days, I’d need to have some advance so I can keep that time open. (FYI, I’m at GMT -4)

I’m sure i am available sometime on the weekend. I work a 9 to 5 so Saturday afternoon Aus time is generally friday night US time

How flexible is the Nov 1-7 timeline? That’s literally the entirety of my vacation…and I’ll be in Jamaica the entire time :frowning:
I’m sorry teammates…opponents…
@NYGiants4sbs @rawkerdude5012 @ChinDocta @MiserlyPluto459 @marknocturnal

I don’t see why we can’t do it earlier. I’m available most weekends. Or you can play us with 1000 ping on shitty Jamaica Internet haha

Not sure of everyone’s time zones, but if this is a “by Nov 7th” round, the best for me would be late (very late) on the 29th, or pretty much anytime on the 30th/31st

I think everyone on our team in on East Coast time, I’m around most nights whenever. I’m not sure about your emailing already being used or who you could talk too, maybe just make up another one for Discord?

So long as everyone on both teams agrees, there’s no problem with the 30th/31st. Either the team members can chime in here or pick a captain to respond on behalf of the team!

I’m on MST and am also mostly available on weekends. I can make time on 10/30-31 if that works best.

Another thing, you guys can decide on any standard list arena. The newest arena Farmstead has known performance issues so even though its a good looking arena I wouldn’t use it. As long as the arenas are agreed upon by both teams pick whichever ones you like. Don’t use any arenas from the rocket labs area because they suck, your games will not be counted, and you will be the laughing stock of the zed to zed forums. well probably not but just stick to standard.

@RADtech2448 i totally forgot pax Melbourne is on this weekend. I’m out all weekend pretty much unless it’s midnight or more like 1am Australian time for me

@marknocturnal Let us know when you’re available so we can organise this thing ok.

@LordChabelo13 @JelliedBigfoot You guys want to meet up and practice or at the very least discuss availability for match times?

@Bsmittel @GiantHunger I usually spend more time on my Xbox than on the PC/Discord, so if you’d like to get together for some play time, feel free to send me an invite.

Sounds good, I’ll be around this weekend,

@jblacq or Gianthunger having trouble adding you on Xbox live, most likely a me problem, I’m down to play some games today for fun, xbox live name is Bsmittel

Hey there, sorry so delayed, been bogged down with work and not been watching the forums or discord. I can do after 10 pm EST guaranteed usually. A few sessions or conference calls here and there but that’s pretty much a solid time because baby should be sleeping and calls should be over.