Rocket League Tournament Rules and Teams


My schedule usually only permits gaming in the mornings, but give me a good meet up time with lots of head notice and I will do my best yo be there.


How does Saturday or Sunday morning work



Mornings are no good for me. I pretty much can only play from 11 PM ET on. With enough notice, I might be able to bump that up to 10:30 PM ET.


Saturday is Extra-Life and I’m hosting an event at work. It all depends on time, but with enough notice, I could probably make it whatever work.


Alright guys, looks like we have 3 games scheduled so far. first one will be tonight around midnight eastern time. That one is SaucySlingo, WeaselPizza, and Matrarch vs BigEll, RedemptionDenied, and myself. I believe we will have it streaming, not exactly sure who is doing that yet but there has been a lot of talk about it.

The next scheduled game is the battle of the hosts! Proulx’s team vs Freams team Friday night at 12:30 eastern time I believe, possibly central. one of them can clear it up. The full teams are Proulx, whtthfgg, and Buffs vs Freamwhole, FuFuCuddilyPoof, and SkepticalMario. Some good talent on both teams and this one should be fun to watch! I just wish it was before they record so they could talk about it. Anyway I am really looking forward to that one!

The third scheduled match is the folks from down under, Chindocta, Miserlypluto, and marknocturnal vs Rawkerdude5012, NYgiants4sbs, and Radtech2448. This one is scheduled for Saturday at around 8pm central time. This one will also be a fun one to watch as I havent seen most of them play.

Hope to get the rest scheduled soon, and hope you guys have fun watching these if streamed, I know I am looking forward to it!

Good luck everybody!


@NYGiants4sbs We’re thinking around 11pm CST on Saturday, is that going to work for you?


Good for me. Game or practice?


Real game, it’ll be 2v2 because we’re both down members.


I know we haven’t even played our first game yet, but I just found out that I’ll be going down to Florida for a couple days during the middle of the month (Nov 15th - 18th). Hopefully that won’t be a problem and we can work around that, but if not, sorry!


3 of the 4 first round games are complete. As soon as we can get the 4th match going we will schedule the next round match ups.

I know there was some talk yesterday in discord about getting this going this weekend. Has there been any other talks? Do we have a time for this match?


The plan is to play tonight around 10:30pm est.


Hey everyone, MiserlyPluto and I were wondering if you guys would be OK with allowing us to pick up RawkerDude as a 3rd as it seems our is out of commission and won’t be able to make anymore games. If there are any problems with that feel free to let me know either here or in the Rocket League channel on discord.


I have no problem with this. As long as the players in the tournament agree.


Tourney Recap

Round 1

jblacq, GiantHunger, Bsmittel defeated LordChabelo13, Kooshmoose, Jellied bigfoot
Proulx, whtthfgg, Buffs defeated SkepticalMario, FuFuCuddilyPoof, Freamwhole
ChinDocta, MiserlyPluto459, marknocturnal defeated RADtech2448, NYGiants4sbs, rawkerdude5012
RedmptionDenied, BigEll, Stushniken defeated WeaselPizza, SaucySlingo, Matrarch

Round 2

Proulx, whtthfgg, Buffs defeated ChinDocta, MiserlyPluto459, marknocturnal
RedmptionDenied, BigEll, Stushniken defeated jblacq, GiantHunger, Bsmittel

Round 3

Happening tonight at midnight eastern time:

Proulx, whtthfgg, Buffs VS RedmptionDenied, BigEll, Stushniken

This will be streamed somewhere, more than likely on the zed to zed mixer channel.


Well the finals happened. I dont know why it wasn’t posted earlier but congrats to BigEll, RedmptionDenied, and myself for winning the tournament. We won 4 games to 1 with one of the games going into overtime. Thanks to everybody who participated, hopefully we can do this again soon! Please feel free to post suggestions, comments, or anything you can think of that might make this better. Thanks everyone!