Saturday Destiny (360) - 8pm UTC / 3pm EST / 7am AEDT


Taking a leaf out of @Freamwhole’s book, here’s a plan for a regular community boosting session time for @zzUrbanSpaceman. Times may tweak a little depending on when daylight savings trips, but we’ll play that by ear.

The current plan is to work on Destiny on 360 until it’s done, in order to migrate progress to the Xbox One and double dip the achievements.


Personally, I checked out of Destiny around when the Prison of Elders hit, and thus before they removed the levelling tied to your armour changes, and well before The Taken King. My gear is now horribly outdated. I have the base game completion though, and only need to work through TTK achievements.

I have run through the Vault and Crota raids and know them quite well (excluding any changes that have been made since last playing) and will be happy to play through them again.

My current stats:

Hunter  | level 35 | light 165
Titan   | level 32 | light 145
Warlock | level 32 | light 144

Generally prefer to play the Hunter but don’t really mind. I have the base sub-classes maxed out on all characters, and unlocked the void sub-class with the Hunter.

Who’s with me?


Very interested, how long would these raids last?


Depends on who’s along for the ride, and experience. I remember when Vault of Glass just came out and we spent multiple 3-4 hour nights trying to get past it lol! However nowadays with a reasonably high level group you should be able to do VoG or Crota in a couple of hours. I have zero experience with the King’s Fall raid so that will likely take longer unless we get some decent sherpas, and even then the jumping puzzle is apparently pretty grueling for newcomers.


Direct link to the group: Zed to Zed Group/Clan on

Once you’re a member, make sure you click the “Set as Clan for Xbox Account” button:


Definitely interested, but I’m not that far along with my Warlock. I think I’m level 26 and my Hunter and Titan aren’t even in their teens yet. I believe that leveling alts is easier once you have one max character so I’m planning on taking the Warlock up first.


Cool; I hit level 40 with my Hunter and may not bother with the other two - although that said, you get multiple runs at the weeklies if you do - maybe I will after all. Of the new sub-classes I think I liked the Warlocks the best anyway. Just not feeling the Void Arrow thing with the Hunter. Anyway.

If we can get a group together we can just run strikes or go through the story to level up; it won’t take that long and I don’t mind doing it, it all helps my character just as much.


Ugh. I thought I checked the times more carefully. My normal availability doesn’t start until 11 PM ET. Guess that takes me out of the running for this time slot. Let me know if any other times might work.


11pm EST makes it 3pm AEDT, which I can do on days when we’re not recording the podcast, which is basically only Sunday - and my Sundays are generally booked, so that times not going to work I’m afraid. :frowning:


I would like to participate, but can only do so weekdays 6-7 AM Central time


That actually works out to 11pm AEDT, so that works fine for me personally. Might be tricky for others though, but if we can get an Aussie crew together…