Shovel-ware Cemetery Schedule?


Hey everyone,

Somewhat of a newcomer to the podcast (am an xonebro and started listening since David was interviewed) and I was wondering if there is a schedule posted for Shovel-ware Cemetery that I am missing or if its supposed to be a surprise.

Only reason I’d like to know is to have some background info and my own opinions before listening to others when it comes to these smaller titles.

Thanks and ZedtoZed has quickly made its way to the top of my gotta-listen-to podcast every week (behind xonebros of course :grinning: ). Your work is appreciated.



We currently don’t have a schedule for shovelware cemetery, but it’s definitely something we could post. It tends to be a rough schedule, since it tends to change based on availability and the codes we receive. It would at the very least show the games chosen for the current week.

We appreciate the feedback on the segment. We are currently doing a survey on the segment and it would be appreciated if you chimed in if you have the chance.


I can understand the uncertainty of schedules due to review codes being sent out and whatnot. Will absolutely contribute to the survey and thanks for the response.


Thanks for filling out the survey.

I talked it over with Damien and we figure we should be able to maintain a rough schedule of what’s coming up. I will post a link here when we get something together.