Soda Evangelism (was: You are all wrong)


Pepsi is so much better than Coke. There is not one Coke product that comes close to anything from Pepsi. The hipster is right about Diet Pepsi changing with the whole splenda thing but it is still better than anything Coke.


Pepsi is a better drinking cola, but coke is better as a mixer.


Pepsi products for the win! Coke Zero and Dr. Pepper are pretty good and they should be adopted into the Pepsi family


Crystal Pepsi is WAY better than Coke but normal Pepsi…nope.


I like Pepsi cherry vanilla


My soda lineup is:
Fanta Lime > Mt. Dew > Dr. Pepper > Pepsi

Unless I’m mixing drinks, then it’s Coca-Cola all the way


Sasparilla / Birch Beer > Cheerwine > Rootbeer > Mellow Yellow w/ syrup from the new make-your-own-soda machines in restaurants > Coke Zero. I know I’m a monster. You’ll notice Pepsi isn’t even on the list. I’d drink it if someone bought it for me though.


Pepsi is better than Coke for sure.
I’m all about that Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.
Nothing tops a cold Pepsi from Taco Bell.
I do like Coke too, just not as much.
Coke from McDonald’s is really good.
Pretty much the only thing I enjoy from there.


Wow I’m supposed with the responses. I figured everyone but crandy would choose coke. My family and I are all coke drinkers and even my work offers free coke products including cans but you have to pay the 5 cent deposit. Dr. Pepper isn’t owned by coke or Pepsi it’s standalone but is distributed by coke. I’ve looked into it. I’m not a big soda person to be honest but figured I’d see the responses.


I’ll drink anything, but I prefer Coke overall over Pepsi. Tastes crisper and prefer the cherry and vanilla versions of coke to their pepsi counterparts. That said, my drink of choice is Mountain Dew.


Skip almost all cola’s only mtn dew around once a week… but I do drink Coffee 1-2 cups daily and Red Bull/Monster energy 3-5 times a week… NEED MORE ENERGY!!!


In the coke/pepsi debate I prefer cherry Pepsi max or regular Pepsi max. Favourite soft drink is monster energy ultra (sugar free in white can) or orange monster, but try to avoid this too much because of high sugar content. Like the sound of lime Fanta not seen that in UK.


I have to say in the UK it’s pretty much Coke products all the way ( Probably a 70 - 30% split ) As I’ve got older I find Coke is super sweet but I still have the odd can, generally I now drink fruit juices but would love to try Crystal Pepsi


I only drink diet cola. Which one? Unsurprising answer - I buy whichever is on sale.

Interestingly, Diet Pepsi now has sucralose (Splenda) instead of aspartame, but Diet Coke doesn’t, but does offer a Diet Coke with Splenda version as well. It’s a bit sweeter. They are all yummy.


Mountain Dew above all!


i am a bit partial to Pepsi as I collect a lot of vintage pepsi memorabilia. If it has a Pepsi logo I collect it. A very small part of my collection is in this pic.


<3 <3 <3 Mmm Shock Top <3 <3 <3


That is my wifes beer…unfortunately I don’t really drink much. She seems to like that kind though.


I go to Firehouse Subs because it’s the only place I can get Vanilla/Cherry/Raspberry Coke. So bad for me but I SWEAR IT’S HEAVEN.



I love those machines, but its hard to mix them. I particularly love watching people who’ve never used them before.