Soda Recipe (Episode 36)


As we discussed on episode 36:

We called it a “Suicide” and I liked to go:

Mountain Dew 40%
Root Beer 20%
Orange Slice 15%
Dr. Pepper 15%
Sprite 10%

Although I can’t promise this was a consistent formula.


I grew up in the Buffalo area and we called it a graveyard. Always the drink of choice at burger king.


I grew up in Mexico, and Dr. Pepper is not sold there. (I knew nothing of Mountain Dew until I got to college in the USA) I would make my own Dr. Pepper mix with Pepsi, Coke, Root Beer and more sugar…poor substitute I know but I was young and naive. BTW, we did not have the luxury of soda fountain dispensers, available to kids, in the 80s and 90s, in Mexico so I do not have a recipe or a name for this.


I assume you’ve made up for lost time now being in the states?

Better run down to the nearest convenience store and mix something up.

“Chabelo Yellow”


I tried Dr. Pepper for the first time when I joined the military (they didn’t sell it in Puerto Rico), and I was hooked. When I moved to Florida it was my drink of choice until I finally got sick of it and went back to Coke.


I’m from Maryland and we called the mixed soda suicides as well. I’d start with a coke/mt dew/rootbeer base and then add in some healthy fruit flavored sodas towards the end. To be a true suicide, it had to have at least a spurt from all of the taps (except for diet and caffeine free sodas) - or maybe that was just me.


New England - we always called it “Garbage Soda” and I usually skipped the diet variants of the sodas in my mix.


Down in the south , at What-a-burger restaurants you can get a soda mixed from all the taps called a **Witch Doctor. **. It also comes with a pickle at the bottom, so i was never a fan


Love the name - wouldn’t care for the pickle.


Back in the early days in the old country we called it Witch’s Brew


In Missouri we always called it a suicide.